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Survey: What do you know about being safe online? - Last updated: 29/04/2015
Participate in a national study by completing a survey at https://bit.ly/esmartstudy. The survey is open until 15 May 2015 and takes about 10 minutes to complete. This is an independent study being undertaken by the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre in partnership with the University of Western Sydney. It will help evaluate the eSmart Libraries initiative, which provides Libraries ACT, and hundreds of libraries across the country, with the skills to be safe, smart and responsible online.

Problems with heating at Woden Library - Last updated: 22/04/2015
Woden Library is experiencing problems with its heating

6 digit alphanumeric PIN - Last updated: 02/04/2015
You can now have a more flexible library PIN! Update your PIN today. Next time you log into your account, youíll need to change your PIN from 4 digits to 6 characters and make it a combination of numbers and letters. Make sure you choose a strong PIN (donít use a sequential number, numbers from your membership card, a birthday or easily guessed number). Follow the link above for more information.

Commemorating the ANZAC Centenary - Last updated: 02/04/2015
In 2015 we commemorate the ANZAC Centenary, and to acknowledge this we will be remembering the men and women of the ACT who served in WWI by 'calling the roll'. Starting in April, we will post about each of these people on our blog and share this information on social media. We encourage you to look for these posts, read and share them. We also invite you to search, browse and contribute to the ACT Memorial database www.memorial.act.gov.au and to visit the ACT Memorial in person on London Circuit, Civic, opposite Civic Square. The ACT Memorial honours the men and women of the ACT who served their country in war, conflict, peacekeeping and humanitarian missions, some of whom paid the supreme sacrifice.