Room Hire and Exhibitions

We have community rooms of various sizes across our branches. To book a space please complete a room hire application form or an exhibition booking form.

For inquiries please contact

Please submit all applications at least 2 business days before the booking date.

Community Rooms

Community rooms are available to facilitate community learning, literacy, economic development and social inclusion. Rooms vary in size and include chairs and tables.

Important information

  • Bookings are only tentative until we have confirmed via email.
  • Bookings can only be made by adults (18+).
  • Any additional costs or damage to rooms or facilities resulting from the use of the room, including attendance by staff or security to re-secure the building, will be charged to the hirer.
  • We may terminate a booking and right to hire a venue at any time.
  • All bookings for community rooms by unincorporated groups and not for profit organisations must demonstrate a learning outcome for the community. This includes formal and informal learning.
  • Community rooms are not available for private parties or functions.
  • We can’t provide storage for non-ACT Government equipment or furniture.
  • Keys must be returned after each session.
  • Incorporated groups and commercial operators must hold a current Public Liability Insurance Policy to a value of at least $10 million and must provide a certificate of currency. This must accompany the room hire application.

Rooms and prices

  • We reserve the right to increase fees as per Government fees and charges. Fees may change within the period of booking, usually 1 July each year.
  • Minimum charge is for 1 hour. Booking times should include the time to set up and pack down the room.


A range of exhibition facilities are available for organisations, groups and individuals to display and share objects and information.

All exhibitions are subject to terms and conditions, and must contribute to the educational, cultural or historical nature of the local community.

Bookings are essential. To make a booking you must submit an exhibition application form . Applications will be considered in the order in which they are received, and must be made with plenty of advance notice. Official confirmation of acceptance will be provided to the nominated contact person.

Important information

Before booking exhibition space, you should visit the branch to make sure the space has everything you need.

Exhibition spaces

Display and Distribution of Community Information

You can send community information posters and/or brochures for display or distribution at one or more branch. Material will be displayed, space and suitability permitting. We are unable to guarantee display of material. The period of time information is displayed will be determined by us and will depend on other information for display.

Package your information in a bundle for each branch. Clearly label each of the bundles, for example: Belconnen branch– Community information for display. It is helpful to include a covering letter including details for further information.

Mail or deliver the information directly to the branch.

The recommended quantity for most information is 1 or 2 posters per branch and approximately 20-30 brochures per branch (i.e. a total of 9-18 posters and 180-270 brochures) depending on anticipated demand for the information.

Note: Kingston branch has very limited space for information, so please conserve resources and send only minimal quantities for that branch.