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John Gray Research and Consultancy Papers

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John Edmund Gray began work as a cadet forester with the NSW Forestry Commission in 1948. He was Parks Manager, Parks and Gardens Branch, Department of the Interior, Canberra from 1960 to 1968. After two years postgraduate study in California, he returned to Canberra as Senior Lecturer in Natural Resources at the Canberra College of Advanced Education (now the University of Canberra). From 1979 to 1988 he was first Principal Landscape Architect and then Director, Landscape Architecture, for the National Capital Development Commission (NCDC). From 1988 he was a visiting lecturer at the University of Canberra and a consultant in landscape architecture and urban forestry.

John has received many awards, including Honorary Life Fellow of the Royal Australian Institute of Parks and Gardens (1980), and their Award of Merit in 1989 for his book The Glebe Park Story. The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects gave him a Merit Award in 1990 for The Glebe Park Story, having previously recognised his work with the NCDC on the Lake Burley Griffin and Adjacent Parklands project (1986) and on the book Canberra – From Limestone Plains to Garden City (1988).

In addition to his research and teaching, John has published widely, served on Commonwealth Tertiary Education Accreditation committees and committees of inquiry, and is a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Landscape Australia. He is also a member of the Rotary Club of Canberra-Woden.









1965 – 2000


John Gray. A Park for a Nation (book)
- Correspondence and background information on the book
- Cataloguing-in Publication documents
- Briefing notes, guest list and related organisational materials for the launch of the book, 28 September 1996
- Permissions to use photographic material
- Newscuttings, cards, etc

1 file

1995 – 1996


Mulwala House 50th Anniversary
Research papers, correspondence, newscuttings, draft history of Mulwala House

1 file



Commonwealth Park Walks
Newscuttings and correspondence

1 file

1997 – 2000


Plans of Commonwealth Park
2 sets of 3 plan prints, all undated:
- William Holford and Partners, and Dame Sylvia Crowe and Associates. Commonwealth Gardens Canberra. Scale 1 inch to 1 foot
- William Holford and Partners, and Dame Sylvia Crowe and Associates. Commonwealth Gardens Canberra, Planting Layout. Scale 1 inch to 1 foot
- National Capital Development Commission. Commonwealth Park Draft Development Plan. Remaining Work. Includes Horticultural Display Area, Garden Teahouse Site, Paving at Underpass Entry Point, Lighting, Irrigation). Scale 1:1000

1 A3 drawing:
- National Capital Development Commission. Landscape Plan of Commonwealth Gardens. Drawing L.112.68. July 1968

1 poster roll

1965 – 1968








1989 – 2007


John Gray. The Glebe Park Story. 1989. Research papers
Photocopied extracts from histories of the Canberra region, records held in the National Archives of Australia, various brochures, and newscuttings relating to the inhabitants, lands and buildings of Glebe Park and its successor parklands

1 file



Glebe Park Draft Management Plan
- John Gray. The Management of Glebe Park, Canberra ACT: A Discussion Report. ACT Parks and Conservation Service, Internal Report 92/2. January 1992
- John Gray. Glebe Park Canberra. Draft Management Plan. 1993
- Community responses to the Draft Management Plan. 1993
- Glebe Park – Master Plan Report. Block 2 Section 65 City. Draft. August 2007 (annotated by John Gray)

1 file

1993 – 2007








1978 – 1993


- Research papers on the War Memorial and on landscape elements, particularly the origin of the Roman cypress trees
- Australian War Memorial, Canberra. Report on Treatment of Internal Courtyard. Report for National Capital Development Commission. April 1978
- National Capital Planning Authority. The Commemorative Courtyard, Australian War Memorial, Canberra. Landscape Management Plan. July 1993


1978 – 1993








1982 – 1991


Background papers:
- Brochures by National Capital Development Commission on Lake Ginninderra parklands, 1982 and 1986
- John Gray. Progress report to 31 December 1989
- John Gray. The Management of Lake Ginninderra and its Foreshore Open space: A Discussion Report. ACT Parks and Conservation Service, Internal Report 90/3. March 1990
- John Gray’s responses to comments on the draft plan. 6 September and 4 November 1990
- John Gray. Lake Ginninderra Draft Management Plan. 1991
- Community responses to the Draft Management Plan, including the ACT Water Ski Association’s Proposal for Augmentation of Water Skiing Facilities in the ACT. 1991

2 files

1982 – 1991








1970 – 1993


Background papers:
- National Capital Development Commission meetings – minutes, discussion papers. 29 June 1970 – 3 July 1972
- Bruce Mackenzie. Village Creek Territorial Unit. A Brief Landscape Report for the National Capital Development Commission. 12 August 1970
- Keith Storey. Planning Concepts for the Newtown of Tuggeranong. Paper to be delivered at an Urban Research Unit Seminar, 7 June 1971, Canberra
- Richard Gray. Tuggeranong – Village Creek. 11 August 1970
- Extract probably from a National Capital Development Commission handbook on public planning guidelines
- Correspondence relating to the future of Kambah Homestead. 25 January 1971 – 10 September 1980

1 file

1970 – 1980


Draft management plan:
- Village Creek Management Plan, draft bibliography and lists of groups to be consulted. 22 March 1991
- John Gray. The Management of Village Creek Open Space, Kambah ACT: A Discussion Report. ACT Parks and Conservation Service, Internal Report 91/4. July 1991
- Correspondence, background information, newscuttings
- John Gray. Village Creek Open Space, Kambah: Draft Management Plan. ACT Parks and Conservation Service. 1992

1 file

1991 – 1992


Consultancy papers, including John Gray’s original submission together with his personal resume, progress reports. 21 December 1990 – 30 June 1992

Village Creek Urban Forest activities week, 2-7 August 1993 – publicity, logo competition, awards presentation

1 file

1990 – 1993