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ACT Shelter Incorporated is an independent peak community organisation funded by the ACT Government to provide strategic advice and advocacy on housing policy issues that affect people with no, or on low to moderate, incomes. It has an established reputation for advocating effectively on housing matters and for seeking input from community organisations through various means including through Forums which are well known in the housing and homelessness sector.

From about 1986 a small group of volunteers had been working in the social housing sector raising housing issues for low to moderate income earners with the Government.  A Shelter representative was invited to sit on the ACT Government’s Housing Advisory Committee but without funding there were limitations on how far Shelter could effectively represent the housing needs of people on low to medium incomes. The ACT Council of Social Service (ACTCOSS) at this time was funded by the ACT Government to employ a housing support worker but most other States and Territories had funded independent housing peak bodies which were networked under the umbrella of the federally funded National Shelter. In 1996 the ACT Government agreed to fund a newly incorporated ACT Shelter.

ACT Shelter has been represented on most of the housing-related task forces, committees, planning groups and legislative reviews that affect the ACT. This collection consists of the papers and publications gathered during its work with governments, community organisations and individuals.

Box List

Box No. Description Quantity Date Range

ACT Council of Social Services Housing Officer

Correspondence with ACT Government

1 Folder 1992-1993

ACT Shelter. Executive Committee Meetings

Includes agendas, minutes, financial reports, discussion papers

2 folders May 1996 - February 2000
1 ACT Shelter. Correspondence 3 folders 1995-1998

ACT Shelter. Submissions to ACT Budget

1 Sleeve 1997-2000

ACT Shelter. Reports to National Shelter Meetings

1 Sleeve November 1996 - November 1998

ACT Shelter. Forums

Chronological files including agendas and minutes of Forum meetings; discussion papers covering budget submissions, policy, funding, etc; presentations and speeches; symposiums held by ACT Shelter; briefing notes; correspondence; financial statements

2 Folders 1995-1998

ACT Shelter. Report on Emergency Accomodation

Fiona McIlroy. Preliminary findings on the need for emergency accommodation in the ACT

1 Sleeve December 1997

National Shelter Consultation

This is a research project undertaken by National Shelter to examine the relationship between housing and the labour market and the implications of this for housing policy. The research consists of in-depth consultations with State and Territory branches of Shelter.
Includes correspondence, discussion papers and final report

1 folder 1999-2000
2 ACT Housing Policy and Procedures Manuals 1 folder 1988-1989

ACT Housing. Tenant Participation Program

Papers relating to drafting the program, consultation with ACTCOSS and local tenants’ associations

1 folder 1991-1992

ACT Housing. Appeals Mechanism

Background Papers

1 folder 1990-1992

ACT Housing. Progressive Purchase Scheme


  • discussion paper: ACT Housing Trust. Expanding Home Ownership Opportunities: Progressive Purchase Scheme. October 1990
  • minutes, correspondence and related papers
  • ACTCOSS proposal
1 folder October 1990 - February 1991

ACT Housing. Single Share Accomodation Scheme (SSAS)

The SSAS was designed to provide long-term accommodation to single people with or without dependants, e.g. in houses, flats or aged persons units with two or more bedrooms. Stage 1 provided supported accommodation, Stage 2 provided housing for independent people.

  • draft and final versions of the guidelines and agreements
  • submissions from ACTCOSS and ACT Youth Accommodation Group
  • correspondence with ACT Housing Trust
1 folder 1991
2 ACT Housing Trust. Draft Tenants Kit 1 folder 1990

ACT Housing Advisory Committee (HAC)

Agendas, minutes and background on establishing the Housing Advisory Committee

1 folder November 1994 - May 1997

ACT Housing Advisory Committee (HAC) review

Community discussion papers, notes, contact list, draft report

1 folder 2000

ACT Government Budgets

Includes submissions from ACT Shelter and related organisations, ACT Housing financial statements, correspondence, budget speeches, budget analyses, fact sheets

1 folder



Local Government and Community Housing Program (LGCHP)

The scheme was to involve local government and community groups in providing and managing long term housing for people on low incomes, and to encourage the development of new housing models. Includes:

  • program guidelines and promotional material
  • program outlines for 1989/90, 1990/91-1991/92
  • national priorities
  • research brief, issues papers
  • correspondence
1 folder 1989/90-1991

Office of Rental Bonds

Documents the consultation process and public debate around the establishment of the Office, including correspondence, draft and final versions of the Landlord and Tenant (Amendment) Act 1991, explanatory memorandum, presentation speech by Bernard Collaery, media releases, brochures, newscuttings

1 folder 1990-1991

ACT Legislative Assembly Select Committee on Public Housing

In July 1999 a Select Committee was appointed to report on the role of public housing. This file includes Government and Housing Advisory Committee responses to the report, draft legislation, briefing notes, submissions and correspondence

1 folder 1999-2000

Sale of Public Housing

The ACT Government in 1991 proposed changes to the management of ACT public housing, including sale. These files include:

  • correspondence between ACT Shelter and the ACT Government
  • ministerial statement by Bernard Collaery, Minister for Housing and Community Services
  • report by Dr G. Bethune on the ACT Housing Consultancy
  • media releases and information sheets
  • papers on the management of public housing from Victorian government and community organisations
  • relevant articles for research purposes
3 folders 1990-1991

ACT Housing Trust. Housing Policy Review

Housing Options for Older People; Discussion paper

1 sleeve May 1990

Community Organisation Rental Housing Assistance Program (CORHAP) review

The review was to recommend arrangements for the future structure and management of leasing low cost properties. A policy framework was released in 2003 and opened up for consultation by community groups

1 folder January 1999-2003

Review of the 1987 ACT Housing Assistance Program

The Review was announced in October 2000. Includes:

  • Lyla Rogan and Craig Johnston. Implementation of service purchasing arrangements in the Australian Capital Territory. February 1997
  • ACTCOSS submission to the Select Committee on Public Housing, September 1999
  • indicative brief, correspondence
1 folder 1997-2001

Ainslie Village Review

Ainslie Village began as a hostel for construction workers and migrants in the late 1940s before becoming a privately run hostel 1976-1980. It was then managed by Ainslie Village Management until April 1990 when Ainslie Village Limited took over and instituted a major refurbishment program. In 1992 a review was instituted into the management of the Village.

Includes background papers, terms of reference, minutes of stakeholder meetings, correspondence, submissions, survey and newscuttings, and the draft report of the inquiry

1 folder 1991-1992

ACT Government Housing Review 1995

  • Agenda and minutes of ACTCOSS Housing Task Force meeting 17 July 1995
  • ACTCOSS Housing Policy, February 1990
  • Implementation of the Housing Review, no date
1 sleeve 1990-1995

Residential Tenancy LAw

Submissions to the Community Law Reform Committee of the ACT by ACTCOSS and the Co-operative Housing Resource Centre

1 sleeve 1992

Local Area Planning Advisory Committee (LAPAC)

Includes correspondence, newsletters, brochures, guidelines, background material, reports and minutes of meetings with Planning and Land Management (PALM)

6 fodlers 1996-1999

Planning and Land Management (PALM)

Agendas and minutes of Land Forums

1 folder 1997-1998

Responses to the 1989 Burdekin Report:

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. Our homeless children: report of the National Inquiry into Homeless ChildrenIncludes:

  • the Interim Territory Planning Authority Social Issues Paper no. 1, July 1989
  • responses to the Burdekin report by the ACT Government and the National Youth Coalition for Housing (NYCH)
  • information paper and guidelines on Burdekin initiatives and funding
1 folder 1989-1991

Youth Housing Issues

Correspondence, submissions, radio interview briefings, media releases and newscuttings, by and with Youth Housing Outreach, YMCA, Ministerial Youth Advisory Structures (Youth Minister’s Advisory Council and Officers’ Advisory Group on Youth Affairs), Toora Single Wimmin’s Shelter, Community Law Reform Committee

1 folder 1990-1992

YMCA Housing

YMCA Youth Support Unit minutes

1 folder 1993

Community Housing

Includes papers and discussions on various community housing initiatives, including:

  • ACT Community Housing Expansion Task Force, 1997-2000 – briefing notes for independent MLAs
  • Establishment of a Community Housing Providers National Peak Organisation. August 1995
  • Community Housing Canberra Forum, 28-29 February 1996 – papers
  • Community Organisation Rental Housing Assistance Program (CORHAP) guidelines, September 1990
  • Community Housing in 1996
  • Community Housing program Interim Guidelines, 1993, papers for community consultation
1 folder 1993-2000

Centrelink (ACT/Queanbeyan) Multicultural Advisory Group

Agendas, meeting papers and minutes

Information session for representatives from ethnic communities and service providers – brochures, booklets and information sheets

2 folders 1999-2001

Utilities Reform

In October 1998 the ACT Government announced its intention to develop an enhanced regulatory regime to apply to the provision of electricity, water and sewerage; gas was included later. These papers relate to the investigations and community consultations during the Committee stages of the Utilities Bill 2000 and the Utilities (Consequential Provisions) Bill 2000. The utilities reform package also included a Utilities Services Licence, Consumer Protection Code, Benchmark Customer Contract, Drinking Water Quality Code, and draft codes of practice

2 folders 1998-2000

Future Canberra

Papers and publications relating to conferences on planning the future Canberra

Future Canberra Conference 10 May 2001

  • Conference brochures, correspondence, list of participants, draft statement by selected organisations
  • Reprint of Proceedings of the 1901 Congress of Engineers, Architects, Surveyors, and Others Interested in the Building of the Federal Capital of Australia
  • Conference Newsletter issues 4 and 6, April and August 2001

Our Canberra Our Future. Canberra Plan – Issues and Ideas Forum 4 September 2002

  • Program and notes
  • Media release / conference communique
1 folder 2001-2002

Canberra Community Foundation

In February 2001 the ACT Government launched the Canberra Community Foundation to support ACT community activities. ACT Shelter investigated applying to the Foundation for funding for low cost housing projects

Includes working papers, correspondence and Applicant’s Kits

1 folder 2001-2002

Federal/State Government Review of Housing 

During 1991 the Commonwealth-State Housing Agreement (CSHA) was renegotiated. There were two main forces driving this: the Hawke ‘new federalism’ commitment and the work of the National Housing Strategy.


  • Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP). National Client Census – Home for a Night. 1990
  • Report of the functional review of the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program. August 1991
  • Report on functional review of housing
  • proposals for the Special Premiers’ Conference in Perth, 1991
  • communiqué from the Premiers and Chief Ministers Meeting 1991
  • Martin Attridge. ‘Breaking the silence of new federalism’
  • G. P. Appleyard. ‘Redressing vertical fiscal imbalance: the States’ plan’. Presented at New Federalism – the States’ Perspective, Canberra 1992
  • photocopied extracts from Report on Government Service Provision, 1997
1 folder 1990-1997

Housing Reform - Marking the 50th Anniversary of the Commonwealth State Housing Aggreement

Reports, discussion papers, correspondence, media releases, forum discussion notes, submissions, publicity and explanatory material

National Shelter and Australian Council of Social Services for the Department of Housing and Regional Development. Report on National Consultations on the Reform Directions of the Commonwealth State Housing Agreement. Volumes 1 and 2. July 1995

Commonwealth State Housing Agreement as entered into between the Commonwealth of Australia and the Australian Capital Territory, operative from 1 July 1996The Housing Reform Agenda: Change and Challenges Conference, 15 November 1996 at Wesley Conference Centre, Sydney. Papers presented

The Housing Reform Agenda: Change and Challenges Conference, 15 November 1996 at Wesley Conference Centre, Sydney. Papers presented

2 wallets, 3 books, 1 sleeve July 1995 - November 1997

Commonwealth State Housing Agreement Renegotiation

Includes drafts of bilateral agreements between the Commonwealth and Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Western Australia, discussion papers and drafts of the agreement with the ACT, statistical comparisons

1 folder 1996-2000

Council of Australian Governments (coag)

Communiques and correspondence re housing reform

1 folder 1996-1997

Commonwealth State Housing Agreement (CSHA) Reforms

Includes briefing papers, consultancy arrangements, correspondence, minutes, draft Report on National Consultations 1996

6 folders 1996-2002