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Friends of Grasslands (FoG) was launched to build strong community understanding, skills and support to protect and ultimately recover grassy ecosystems.

FoG’s founders saw the need to attract attention to grassland conservation through community liaison, public education and information, development of posters, publication of an informative newsletter, and data collection and storage.  Infrastructure and community building were also recognised as necessary, including more mundane issues such as incorporation, finances, sponsorships and grants. 

While initially infrequent, FoG has produced six newsletters issues each year since 1999.  The newsletter advertises its program, records its story, and informs and educates members on grassy ecosystem issues. It emphasises quality, good science, advocacy for grassy ecosystems, good news about grassland recovery, and respect for all viewpoints, and receives high praise from many quarters.

FoG believes that recovering our grassy ecosystems requires advocacy, education, on-ground work and research, based on a good theoretical and practical grounding in grassy ecosystem conservation. FoG has made numerous submissions to governments and stakeholders, and its advice is actively sought. To underpin its approach, FoG has aimed to recruit practising scientists, land owners and managers, and committed conservationists to its ranks, and relied on them to provide their services on a voluntary basis. It has assisted a number of groups and organisations to meet their objectives, and from time to time has helped establish new like-minded groups

FoG provides a range of activities for its members, drawn mostly from south-east Australia. It aims to cooperate with and compliment, rather than compete with, other groups. The program is varied in terms of geographical area visited and type of activity offered. FoG’s philosophy is if only two or three people attend an activity but gain from it, it is a success and worthwhile doing. FoG has organised field trips in the ACT, in many regions of NSW and in all eastern states at one time or another. FoG has held three major workshops, and in 2003 cosponsored the Third Native Grasses Conference with Stipa Native Grasses Association. 

Details of the activities of the Friends of Grasslands can be found on its website.

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29 Sept 1997-27 Jan 2009