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HMSS 0226 Family Bushwalkers Incorporated Records

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Family Bushwalkers Incorporated Records

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This collection comprises the records of the Family Bushwalkers Incorporated (FBI) and, following a change of name in 2012, the Brindabella Bushwalking Club (BBC). Future deposits of BBC material will be recorded under the new name and linked to this collection.

The Canberra Family Bushwalkers Incorporated began as the YMCA Family Bushwalking Club in 1969 when parents of children attending YMCA camps decided the walks the children were enjoying should also involve parents.

The club organised regular meetings at first monthly, then quarterly, as well as pack walks, car camps, day walks and other social events. Walkers were encouraged to learn first aid and bushcraft.

The club formally separated from the YMCA in 1977 and incorporated as the Family Bushwalkers Incorporated that year, and expanded its program to include a greater number and variety of walks as well as moonlight walks, cycling and walking trips, navigation courses, and social get-togethers.

A Club website was set up in 2009 and by this year the Club became the largest bushwalking club in Canberra. In 2012, and following exhaustive consultations, members decided to change the Club name to Brindabella Bushwalking Club as it was felt that the original name no longer represented the core activities and membership of the Club. With the change of name the Club URL is now at

The Club has continued to expand its activities to include kayaking, car camps and in recent years several overseas walking trips. After some years of having few children attending walks, the Club established an active family group holding monthly walks for children and an annual camping weekend.

Box List






Annual General Meeting Minutes – Family Bushwalkers Inc

1 file

21 May 1969


Minutes – Family Bushwalkers Inc
general meeting and AGM minutes

2 volumes




Walks Reports – Family Bushwalkers Inc
Information contained may include date of walk, place walked to/name of walk, names of participants.  From the mid 1980s may also include review of weather and activities undertaken

3 volumes

1975-1978;  1978-1980; 1981


 Walks Reports – Family Bushwalkers Inc
Information contained may include date of walk, place walked to/name of walk, names of participants.  From the mid 1980s may also include review of weather and activities undertaken

1 file



Social and Walks Programme – Family Bushwalkers Inc
calendars of intended social activities and walks

2 files

1976-1995; 2000-2004


History Project Material – Family Bushwalkers Inc

Part I collation of minutes, membership information, and constitutions 1969-1999
Part II walks programs 1973-1999
Floppy disk with contents of the two files in Microsoft Word 97

2 files;  1 floppy disk



History of the Association – Family Bushwalkers Inc

A Short History of the Canberra Family Bushwalkers Incorporated (FBI) by Mary Lindsay, based on research and information provided by Milton Turner

1 sleeve

August 2003


Constitutions – Family Bushwalkers Inc

Early constitutions  – only 1972, 1974 dated; numbered 1-5 from earliest to latest

Later constitutions: 1990-1999

1 folder (part)

1972 – 1999


Constitutions – Brindabella Bushwalking Club

1 folder (part)

2011, 2012


Incorporation and Rules – Family Bushwalkers Inc

Incorporation documents 1977 and 1991

Change of name to Brindabella Bushwalking Club

Name change and incorporation documents 2011-2012

1 folder

1977 – 2012


Early FBI Minutes (Several handwritten)

Handwritten minutes of YMCA Family Bushwalking Club Meeting in 1969 and of a General Meeting held 1970 and an Executive Committee Meeting March 1995. Also meetings 1977, 1995.

Agendas of AGMS 1975, 1977-78, 1981-83, 1989

1 folder

1969, 1970, 1977, 1995


1975 - 1989


Minutes – FBI and BBC

Annual general meetings and committee meetings

Family Bushwalkers Inc: April 2004 – October 2011

Brindabella Bushwalking Club: December 2011 – June 2014

1 minute book

April 2004–June 2014


Committee and membership list

Family Bushwalkers Inc; committee lists 1991-1992 – 2010-2011; list of presidents 1975-1982; member statistics 2002; membership lists 27 April 2006 – 7 October 2009

Brindabella Bushwalking Club: committee lists 2011-2012 – 2014-2015; membership list 4 June 2015


1 folder



History of the Club (FBI and BBC)

A short history of the Club by Mary Lindsay, based on research and information by Milton Turner and updated in 2014 from that done in 2003

BBC Advertising Brochure, 2013

1 folder

1969– 2014




Social and Walks Programs

Family Bushwalkers Inc: mid 1981 – mid 1992, 1995 – 2011

Brindabella Bushwalking Club: 2012 – 2015

2 bundles



Notes for Leaders – Family Bushwalkers Inc

Provision of safety and operating guidelines to walks leaders (early YMCA Family Bushwalking (to 2007

1 folder



Grant applications – Family Bushwalkers Inc

Grant Applications and Acquittals for Grants # 98/023 and 02/107 from the ACT Government

1 folder

1997 - 2003


Miscellaneous Papers – Family Bushwalkers Inc

small selection:

FBI Transport Cost Review

Notification that the FBI was accepted for affiliation with the Confederation of Bushwalking Clubs of NSW in November 1999 – 11 March 2005

Letter to Milton Turner thanking him for compiling a history of the Club – 29 April, 2003

Some early Newsletters of FBI – 1995 to 1999

(Oct 1999, Oct 1997, Oct 1996, April 1996, April 1995, Sept. 1995, Oct 1995)

1 folder (part)

1995 – 2005


Historical correspondence taken from the file 1971–1990 – Family Bushwalkers Inc:

Life Membership 1989 (Clare Hughes, Norm Bancroft, John Hardwick, John Whitford, Jeff Colwell, Ray Franzi)

Seeking films from the Soviet Union to show at an FBI Social meeting, April 1978

Seeking exchange of Walk Programs – Canberra Bushwalking Club, National Parks Association – June 1977

Advice on dissolving the YMCA Canberra Family Bushwalking Club and formation of the Family Bushwalkers Club – Dec 1977 and response from YMCA (Jan 1978)

Advice to YMCA on the Subscription set at the AGM 9 May 1977

Correspondence with National Capital Development Commission on concerns re Mt Taylor, May & July 1971

1 folder (part)

1971 - 1989