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HMSS 0258 54 Bamford Street Hughes Photographic Record

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HMSS 0258


54 Bamford Street Hughes Photographic Record

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John and Bernice Anderson purchased Block 5, Section 21, of Hughes (54 Bamford Street) on 24 October 1963. 

They designed the house themselves to respond to shape and condition of the block, solar orientation and potential views to Mount Coree, Mount Stromlo and the Blue Range. The owners wanted a contemporary style house that was non-traditional, aesthteically pleasing, practical, made good use of space and was economical to build.

They furnished their home with Scandinavian style teak furniture to complement the open plan living areas, timber floor boards and light-filled rooms.

Bernice Anderson compiled this documentation of the house, garden and family life using plans and family photographs. It is comprehensive document of a mid-century suburban Canberra home.

The house was demolished and the site redeveloped in 2004.

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54 Bamford Street, Hughes, ACT. A descriptive and photographic record of a 1960s Canberra house that was demolished in 2004. Compendium of text and photographs documenting the building, furnishing, landscaping and use of 54 Bamford Street, Hughes and its subsequent extension.

1 1963 - 2004

Compact Disc copy of the compendium

1 1963-2004