Federal Capital Domestic Architecture

Federal Capital Domestic Architecture

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A select list of resources

Aalders, Julian Heritage Study : the Federal Capital Commission houses of Reid (unpublished)ACTHL Location: H 728.37 AALD
ACT Planning Authority
Guidelines for residential development Forrest/Red Hill/Deakin/Griffith historic areas, 1994.
ACTHL Location: H 711.58 ACTP
Canberra House. A website dedicated to the architecture of Canberra from 1930 on. It has a good timeline for Canberra domestic architecture.


Charlton, Ken
Federal Capital Architecture : Canberra 1911-1939, 2002.
ACTHL Location: H 720.9947 CHAR
Conner, James Rex
A guide to Canberra buildings, 1970

ACTHL Location: H 720.9947 CONN

Federal Capital Commission
Canberra : general notes for the information of public servants, 1926 (1996 facsimile)
ACTHL Location: H 919.47 CANB
Fitzgerald, Alan
Canberra in two centuries: a pictorial history, 1987

aCTHL Location: H 994.71 FITZ

Freeman, Peter (ed.)
The Early Canberra House : living in Canberra 1911-1933, 1996.
ACTHL Location: H 728.099471 EARL
Greig, Alistair and Reid, Paul
The accommodation of growth : Canberra's growing pains 1945-1955 and How the Canberra camel got its hump : the departmental board's plan, its origins and consequences, 1996.AGREI
ACTHL Location: H 363.5099471
Gugler, Ann
Canberra's construction camps, early houses, 2001.
ACTHL Location: H 994.71 CANB
Pegrum, Roger
The bush capital : how Australia chose Canberra as its federal city, 1983.ACTHL Location: H 994.71 PEGR

ACTHL Location: H 994.71 PEGR

Reid, Paul
Canberra Following Griffin : a design history of Australia’s national capital, 2002.
ACTHL Location: H 711.409947 REID
Royal Australian Institute of Architects ACT Chapter
Canberra: An Architectural Guide to Australia's Capital, 1982
ACTHL Location: H 720.99471 CANB
Wright, Bruce
Cornerstone of the Capital : a history of public housing in Canberra, 2000.