Libraries Refreshed Updates

It’s an exciting time as we refresh our library services with a new library computer system that will make using your local library better and easier.

The new and improved catalogue is now available. Click to visit the new site.

Things look different. They work a little differently too, but they are easier to use and you can do much more.

Read important information about:

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Updated policies

Our library membership and loans policy and privacy statement have been updated and will apply from Thursday 21 November 2019.

Here’s what you need to know:

Copies of the membership and loans policy and the privacy statement are available on our website and in library branches.

Please note: Only adults (anyone aged 16 or older) can apply online to be a member and update membership details online.

Updating your details

From Thursday 21 November 2019, when you first use the new system, you’ll need to confirm your account details online, or in person, and accept the updated membership terms and conditions and privacy statement.

To help keep your account secure, you will also need to create a new passphrase (instead of PIN/password) which is a minimum of thirteen (13) characters. Read Stay Smart Online tips about passphrases here.

If you have internet access at home or elsewhere, you can do this online before you visit (from 21 November):

If you don’t have internet access:

Membership details are your unique identification for using the library and we want to make sure your details are correct and up to date. Membership details include your name, address, email, phone number and date of birth.

When checking your details, make sure your membership includes your email address (if you have one). Email is the fastest and easiest way for the library to contact you about your membership and any changes to library services, including notifying you about requests or overdue items.

We are offering new SMS and email notifications in the new system, so make sure we have the correct contact information. You will be able to receive emailed receipts, emailed alerts for new items, reminder texts and more.

Returning items from 21 November 2019

When the library is open:

When the library is closed:

Woden Library will be different:

Parents and guardians

If you are the parent/guardian or other responsible adult registered for child who is a member, you can now link their account to yours. Family linking lets you view items on your child’s account and renew their items all from your account.

To link accounts:

  1. Update your own account details online. If you need help, please visit the library and ask staff.
  2. Visit the library and ask staff to link your accounts. This cannot be done online. You will need to show proof of identity. When accounts are linked, the information on your account (address etc) will copy to the child’s account automatically.


New or updated features

You will be able to do more at the library including:

Follow the on-screen instructions and if you experience any difficulty, a library staff member can show you how to use it.

If you are the parent, guardian or responsible adult for a child who is a member, the new system will let you link their account to yours. You will need to ask staff to link the accounts.

Completed works

The new self-service kiosks, return chutes and security gates have now been installed at each branch. If you haven't seen or used the new equipment yet, here’s what you can expect:

New self-service kiosks

New return chutes

New security gates

Other changes

Limited services from 6–20 November 2019

So we could move information across to the new computer system, there were limited services at all libraries from Wednesday 6 – Tuesday 19 November 2019 inclusive and all libraries were closed on Wednesday 20 November 2019. Staff were hard at work to ensure the transition on 21 November was as smooth as possible.

Items borrowed during the period had a 6-week loan period.

From 6–19 November 2019, customers were still able to:

From 6–19 November 2019, customers were NOT able to: