Visual Arts Ephemera

A typical file will include invitations to exhibition openings, flyers, posters and other promotional material.

The files are organised alphabetically by

  • name of event (including prizes, awards and competitions)
  • group, organisation or association
  • venue (including artists' studios and virtual galleries)

Catalogues of exhibitions are housed with other publications and are searchable by name of artist or name gallery in the library catalogue.  They are not kept in these files.

To use or add to the collection, please contact the ACT Heritage Library.

GALLERY/EXHIBITION VENUE                          




10 Mowle Place, Weetangera



Exhibition venue.

14 Breona Street, Lyons



Marcia Schofield. Studio.

19 Ulverstone Street, Lyons



Monika Leone, Elizabeth (Buffy) Jackson, Jennifer Lowe. Studio.

22 Syme Crescent, O’Connor




24:7 Dwell



Virtual exhibition, initiative of ACT Government. Event.

30 Ipima Street, Braddon



Exhibition venue.

2CA Theatrette



Exhibition venue.

Aarwun Gallery



Established by 2001. Shop 11, Federation Square, O’Hanlon Place, Nicholls. Commercial gallery.

Aboriginal Dreamings Gallery



Established 1989. To 1999 at National Dinosaur Museum, Cnr Barton Hwy & Gold Creek Rd, Gungahlin. In 1999 moved to 19 O’Hanlon Place, Nicholls.  Commercial gallery. Also in Sydney as galleryADG, from 22 Nov 2004.




Established 1974; last exhibition 1985. 2 La Perouse Street, Griffith, ACT. Commercial gallery.

ACT Batik and Surface Design Association

Use: ACT Textile Arts Association (ACTTAA)


ACT Batik Association

Use: ACT Textile Arts Association (ACTTAA)


ACT Division of Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts (CEMA)

Use: Arts Council of the ACT


ACT Heritage Library

See also: ACT Public Libraries


Established ca 1994. To ca 2000, at 25 Blaxland Crescent, Griffith; then Level 1, Woden Library, Corner Corinna and Furzer Sts, Phillip; moved January 2019 to ground floor, 255 Canberra Avenue, Fyshwick. Exhibition venue.

ACT Human Rights Commission Annual Art Award



Established 2005 as an award for young people. Event.

ACT Legislative Assembly Gallery



ACT Legislative Assembly Building, Civic Square, London Circuit, Canberra City. Exhibition venue.

ACT Porcelain Artists Association



Established by 1977. Anglican Good Shepherd Church, Gillies Street, Curtin. Group.

ACT Public Libraries

Use for: all public library branches of the ACT Library and Information Service.


Exhibition venue.
The public library service has had branches in several locations. Griffith Library opened 1994.

ACT Textile Arts Association (ACTTAA)

Use for: ACT Batik Association; ACT Batik and Surface Design Association; Textile Art & Surface Design Association ACT (TASDA)


Established 1976 as ACT Batik Association; 1992 incorporated and renamed ACT Batik & Surface Design Association Inc; 1998 renamed Textile Art & Surface Design Association Inc. ACT (TASDA); 2008 renamed ACT Textile Arts Association (ACTTAA). Group.


Use for: Australian Defence Force Academy


Established 1986. Northcott Drive, Campbell. Exhibition venue.


Use for: Creative Catalyst; Aeoncademy


Established by 2005. Yarralumla. Director: Teffany Thiedeman. Group.

Represented as Ǽonclave.


Use: Australian Girls Own Gallery



Use for: Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies


Established June 1964 as the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies (AIAS); in 1989 renamed Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies. From 2001 in AIATSIS Building, Acton Peninsula. Exhibition venue.

Albert Hall



Established 1933. Canberra Avenue, Yarralumla. Exhibition venue.

Alliance Francaise



66 McCaughey St, Turner. Exhibition venue.

Altenburg Fine Art Gallery and Gift Shop

Use: Studio Altenburg


ANCA Gallery

Use for: Australian National Capital Artists Inc Gallery


Established 1992. 1 Rosevear Place, Dickson. Ca 2001 a separate studio complex established at 96 Hoskins St, Mitchell. Studios and commercial gallery.

Anna Simons Gallery

See also: Macquarie Galleries Canberra


Established early 1960s, closed ca 1977 (deregistered 21 February 1977). Initially at her home in Campbell, then at Canberra Theatre Centre Playhouse for Macquarie Galleries Canberra; 1969 moved with Macquarie Galleries to 23 Furneaux Street, Forrest; remained at Forrest when Macquarie Galleries withdrew in 1972. Commercial gallery.

Anne and Steve’s Art

Use: Paintbox Fine Art


ANU: Drill Hall Gallery

Includes National Gallery exhibitions held here in 1990s


Established 1987. Kingsley St, Acton. Director: 1992-2013 Nancy Sever. Exhibition venue.

ANU: Emerging Artists Support Scheme

Use for: EASS; Artist in Residence [school or college]


Established 1988 for patrons of the ANU School of Art. Ellery Crescent, Acton. From 1990 funded scholarships, residencies, prizes, awards and commissions. Group.

ANU: other venues



Acton. Exhibition venue.

ANU: School of Art

Use for: Canberra School of Art; Canberra Institute of the Arts.
Includes School of Art Gallery; School of Art Foyer Gallery; School of Art Textiles Workshop; SofA Gallery; Phoenix Prize


Established 1976 as Canberra School of Art; from 2004 as faculty of ANU. Ellery Crescent, Acton. Exhibition venue.
Canberra School of Art established galleries in various locations: main Gallery 1981; Printmaking Workshop by 1986; Lecture Theatre by 1991.
Foyer Gallery established 2004.
Canberra Institute of the Arts was a joint venture with the School of Music.


Use for: Australian Photographic Society Convention


Established ca 1970. Held in Canberra 1979, 1988, 2000. Event.

Art and Public Places Network for the ACT



Art Gems Gallery



Established by 1985. Hall Village Court, Palmer St, Hall, ACT. Exhibition venue.

Art Shed Gallery and Pottery Studio, The

Use: The Art Shed Gallery and Pottery Studio


Art Space 71

Use: Leichhardt Street Studios


Art Thread Design

See also: Flairwear


Established by 1998. Group.

Art Wares

Use: Gorman House Arts Centre



See also: Ben Grady Gallery; Giles Street Gallery


Established by 1996. 31 Giles St, Kingston. Restaurant and gallery; began as Flat White Ben Grady / Artespresso. Exhibition venue.

Artisans at Orana Inc



Established by 1996; ceased 2002. Orana School, Unwin Place, Weston, ACT. Group.

Artist in residence, [college or school]

Use: ANU: Emerging Artists Support Scheme


Artists Shed, The

Use: The Artists Shed


Artists Ties Gallery



Established by 2001. 31 Wollongong St, Fyshwick, ACT. Commercial gallery.

Artists’ Society of Canberra

Also known as ASOC.

See also: Monaro Mall Art Prize


Established 28 June 1927; in recess July 1934 to August 1945. From 1952 to ca 1966 at Riverside Centre, Barton; 2004-2006 at Canberra Technology Park, Watson; 2007 at Unit 2, Geils Court, Deakin West; from August 2010 at Blaxland Centre, 25 Blaxland Crescent, Griffith. Group.

Artlinks Canberra

Use for: Right Brain Art Courses and School


Established ca 1990 to teach drawing based on Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Jamison Centre, ACT. Director: Margo Neale. Group.

Arts Council of Australia ACT Division

Use: Arts Council of the ACT


Arts Council of the ACT

Use for: Arts Council of Australia ACT Division; ACT Division of Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts (CEMA).


Established October 1945 as ACT Division of Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts (CEMA); 1948 CEMA renamed Arts Council of Australia ACT Division; 1953-1961 lapsed; February 1962 reconstituted; 1993 became Arts Council of the ACT.  Group.

Arts Council Gallery

Use Arts Council of the ACT 1981- June 1987; use Canberra Contemporary Art Space Gorman House after July 1987.
Includes: Arts Council Galleries 1 and 2 (Gorman House)
See also: Canberra Theatre Centre


Established 1981 when the Arts Council moved to Gorman House, Ainslie Avenue, Braddon; from 28 September 1998 also at 49 Wentworth Avenue, Kingston. Before 1981 the Arts Council used the Canberra Theatre Gallery for exhibitions. In July 1987 the Arts Council Gallery combined with the Bitumen River Gallery to become Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Gorman House. Directors: 1984 Ben Grady. Public gallery.

ARTS Factory Gallery

Use: Australian Catholic University Signadou Campus





Established by December 1990; closed after 2000. Corner East Row, Civic. Shop window at bus interchange, coordinated by Nolan Gallery. Exhibition venue.

Arttec Warehouse



Established ca 1990. Initially at 30 Lonsdale Street, Braddon; by 2009 at 42 Mort Street, Braddon. Group.

Arunta Galleries



Established by 1973. Limestone Avenue, Ainslie. Commercial gallery.


Use: Artists’ Society of Canberra


Atelier, The

Use: The Atelier


Atomic Art



The art of David Mankey, also known as ‘Atomic Dave’.

Australia 75

Use for: Festival of Creative Arts and Sciences


Established 1975. Festival of Creative Arts and Sciences, held Canberra March 1975. Event.

Australian Catholic University Signadou Campus

Includes: ARTS Factory Gallery


College established 24 March 1963; ARTS (Adult, Recreation and Training Services) Factory Gallery established ca September 1998. 223 Antill St, Watson. Exhibition venue.

Australian Craft Show (Canberra)



Established 1989. National Convention Centre, 31 Constitution Avenue, Canberra City. Event.

Australian Defence Force Academy



Australian Forum for Textile Arts (TAFTA), The

Use: The Australian Forum for Textile Arts (TAFTA)


Australian Girls Own Gallery

Use for: aGOG.
See also: Helen Maxwell Gallery; Kingston Art Space; Leichhardt Street Studios


Established 16 March 1989; closed 24 December 1998. Reopened in different premises as Helen Maxwell Gallery. Kingston Art Space, 71 Leichhardt St, Kingston. Commercial gallery.

Australian Heritage Galleries



Established 1994. Australian Heritage Village, corner Antill St and Federal Highway, Watson, ACT. Commercial gallery.

Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies



Australian Lace Guild ACT Branch


ca 1998

Established after 1997; reincorporated with NSW Branch soon afterwards.

Australian National Botanic Gardens

Includes: Visitor Centre, Banks Building

Use for: Friends’ Botanic Art Groups


Visitor Information Centre and exhibition space established November 1985. Clunies Ross Street, Acton. Public Art program began 2 April 2004. Public art and exhibition venue.

Australian National Capital Artists Inc Gallery

Use: ANCA Gallery


Australian National Capital Folk Art & Decorative Artists Inc



Established by 2002. In 2007 at Guides Hall, Lister Crescent, Ainslie. Group.

Australian Sculpture Centre



Established 5 June 1966. 83 Dominion Circuit, Deakin. Commercial gallery.

Australian Sculpture Gallery



Established 1966. 1 Finniss Cres, Narrabundah. Commercial gallery.

Bagels Cafe



Established 2002. Farmers’ Market, Bunda Street, Canberra City. Exhibition venue.

Beaver Galleries



Established 1975. From 1975 to 1984 at 9 Investigator St, Red Hill. From 1984 at 81 Denison St, Deakin. Directors: Betty and Ron Beaver. Commercial gallery.

Behind the Lines



Established 1997. Directors: National Museum of Australia. Event.

Belconnen Artists’ Network

Use for: BeAN; Belconnen Entertainment and Artists Network


Established by 1999 as Belconnen Entertainment and Artists’ Network; by 2005 known as Belconnen Artists’ Network. Belconnen Community Centre, Swanson Court, Belconnen. Group.

Belconnen Arts Centre



Established 2009. 118 Emu Bank, Belconnen. Exhibition venue.

Belconnen Community Arts Gallery

Use: Belconnen Gallery


Belconnen Gallery

Use for: Belconnen Art Gallery, Belconnen Community Arts Gallery.

Includes: Reflections Gallery


Reflections Gallery established 15 November 1991; apparently renamed Belconnen Gallery by 1999. Belconnen Community Centre, Swanson Court, Belconnen. Exhibition venue.

Belconnen Open Art

Use: Open Art ACT


Ben Grady Gallery

See also: Artespresso; Kingston Art Space; Leichhardt Street Studios; Spiral Arm Gallery;


Established 5 July 1986; closed 2002. To early 1992 at Kingston Art Space, 71 Leichhardt Street, Kingston; from 28 April 1992 at 19 Kennedy St, Kingston; by November 2000 at 1/285 Canberra Avenue, Fyshwick. Commercial gallery.

Benedict House



Established 1882 as a convent; gallery established by 2004. 39 Isabella St, Queanbeyan. Studio and commercial gallery.

Bev Hogg Ceramic Studio



Established by 2005. 8 Brennan Street, Hackett. Studio.

Beverley Hall’s Studio



Old Canberra Brickworks, Yarralumla. Studio.

Bimbimbi Potters

Includes: Bimbimbi Ceramic Study Group, Bimbimbi Ceramic Group.
See also Pastoral Gallery


Established 1974 by Hiroe Swen. Group.

Bitumen River Gallery

See also Canberra Contemporary Art Space

Posters from 1981-1982 also in HMSS 0413 Amanda Walker Poster Collection


Established 4 April 1981; closed 1987 when amalgamated with Arts Council Gallery at Gorman House to form Canberra Contemporary Art Space. Carpark, corner Bougainville and Furneaux Sts, Manuka. Reopened as CCAS Gallery Manuka in 1993.Coordinator: 1981-? Alison Alder. Directors: 1984 Ann Virgo and Mark Denton. Exhibition venue.

Blasted Glass Designs



Established 1990. Australian Heritage Village, corner Federal Highway and Antill Street, Watson. Studio.

Blue Folk Community Arts

Use: Strathnairn


Blue Gum Art Market



Established October 2012 by Friends of Blue Gum to raise funds for Blue Gum Community School. 114 Maitland Stret, Hackett. Event.

Bogong Theatre

Use: Gorman House Arts Centre


Boulevard Artists

Use: The Boulevard Artists


Br Don Gallagher Studio/Gallery



Established 24 July 1994; earlier exhibitions held in Br R J Wallace Hall. St Edmund’s College, 110 Canberra Avenue, Griffith. Student gallery established ca 2008. Exhibition venue.

Brazilian Embassy



Established 1985. 19 Forster Crescent, Yarralumla. Exhibition venue.

Brindabella Art Prize

Use for: Capital Chemist Brindabella Art Prize; Capital Chemist Art Award; Tuggeranong Regional Art Prize; TRAP.

See also: Tuggeranong Arts Centre


Established 1999. From 2002 to 2004 known as Tuggeranong Regional Art Prize (TRAP). Event.

Brindabella Arts Community

Use: Strathnairn


Brindabella Community Arts Farm

Use: Strathnairn


Broadcast Shopfront Gallery

See also: Canberra Contemporary Art Space (Gorman House)


Established 2005; closed ca December 2005. Garema Place, Canberra City (near Essen, Milk and Honey). Exhibition venue.

Bungendore School of Arts



Established late 1880s. 55 Gibraltar Street, Bungendore. Venue.

Bungendore Wood Works Gallery

Includes: The Octagon Art Space

Use for: Wood Works Gallery, Bungendore


Bungendore Wood Works Gallery established 4 September 1983 in Coast Road [Malbon Street or Kings Highway], Bungendore, opposite current premises. Opened in new building 1994, including first floor art gallery The Octagon Art Space. Kings Highway, Bungendore. Director: David MacLaren. Commercial gallery.

Burrunju Aboriginal Art Gallery



Established October 2009; official opening 27 May 2010. 245 Lady Denman Drive, Yarramundi Reach. Director: Greg Joseph. Commercial gallery.


Use for: Community Art Design Environment Network for Canberra and Environs; Art and Public Places Network for the ACT


Established ca 1993 as Art and Public Places Network for the ACT; name changed 1995. Directors: 1995 Ann Cleary and Pedro Geleris. Group

Caloola Farm

Includes: Caloola Homestead; Caloola Retreat


Established ca 1988. Top Naas, via Tharwa. Exhibition venue.

Calvary Hospital



Established 1979. Corner Belconnen Way and Haydon Drive, Bruce. Annual art show from 1979. Event; exhibition venue.

Canberra. Everything Nothing Projects


Established 8 November 2011. Level 1, Centre Cinema Building, 50 Bunda Street, Civic. Director: David Sequeira. Commercial gallery and exhibition space.

Canberra Art Club

Use: Canberra Art Workshop


Canberra Art Workshop

See also: Kingston Art Space; Leichhardt Street Studios; M16


Established 1948 as Canberra Art Club with premises at 8 Riverside Centre, then at B Block, Kingsley Street, Turner until 1982. In 1975 incorporated as Canberra Art Workshop Group. At ANU Arts Centre 1982-1984; 1984-2002 at Studio 13, Kingston Art Space (later Leichhardt Street Studios), 71 Leichhardt St, Kingston; 2002-2009 at M16, 16 Mildura Street, Fyshwick; from 2010 at Blaxland Centre, 25 Blaxland Crescent, Griffith. Group.

Canberra Botanical



Established 2003. In 2013 became a not-for-profit entity; committee Wendy Antoniak, Katrine Scott-Findlay, Vivien Pinder, Maria Boreham. Annual exhibition.

Canberra Calligraphy Society



Established 25 February 1986. In 2007 at Urambi Village Hall, Crozier Circuit, Kambah. Group.

Canberra Church of England Girls Grammar School

Use: Canberra Girls’ Grammar School


Canberra City Framing Gallery – Kaori Gallery

Use: Kaori Gallery


Canberra Cloth Doll Makers



Established by 1997. Group.

Canberra Contemporary Art Space (Gorman House)

Includes: Gorman House Gallery 1 (MAINspace), Gallery 2 (MIDDLEspace), and Cube; CCAS Mount Majura.
See also: Arts Council of the ACT; Bitumen River Gallery


Established July 1987 by amalgamation of former Bitumen River Gallery and the Arts Council Gallery. In 1996 also had gallery space at Mount Majura Vineyard. In 2005 associated with Broadcast Shopfront Gallery. Gorman House, Ainslie Avenue, Canberra. Directors: 2015 David Broker. Commercial gallery.

Canberra Contemporary Art Space (Kaori Gallery)

Use for: CCAS Kaori; CCAS Civic

See also: Kaori Gallery


Established 15 April 2015 within Kaori Gallery, corner London Circuit and Hobart Place, Canberra City.

Canberra Contemporary Art Space (Manuka)

Use for: CCAS Manuka, also called Gallery 3.

See also: Arts Council of the ACT; Bitumen River Gallery


Established 1993; previously Bitumen River Gallery. 19 Furneaux St, Manuka. Commercial gallery.

Canberra Craft Bookbinders’ Guild (Inc)

Use for: Craft Bookbinders’ Guild (Inc)


Established 1981 as Craft Bookbinders’ Guild. By 2006 as Canberra Craft Bookbinders’ Guild. Group.

Canberra Girls’ Grammar School

Use for: Canberra Church of England Girls’ Grammar School


Established 1926 as St Gabriel’s School, Glebe House, Canberra. Ca 1928 moved to Melbourne Avenue, Deakin; renamed Canberra Church of England Girls Grammar School 1933. In 1972 the Junior School moved to Grey Street, Deakin. Exhibition venue.

Canberra Glassworks



Established 25 May 2007. 11 Wentworth Avenue, Kingston, ACT [in old Kingston Power House]. Studio and commercial gallery.

Canberra Grammar School

Includes: Canberra Grammar School Gallery


School established 1929; Craft Centre opened 1971; renamed Design Centre 1991. Monaro Crescent, Red Hill. Exhibition venue.




Established April 2009. Virtual gallery.

Canberra Hospital

Use for: Woden Valley Hospital


Established 1973 as Woden Valley Hospital; in 1991 amalgamated with Royal Canberra Hospital; from 1996 as Canberra Hospital. Extensive public art installed 1993. Exhibition venue; public art venue.

Canberra Institute of Botanical Art

Use for: CIBA


Established 2005. CSIRO Discovery Centre, Clunies Ross Street, Black Mountain. Group.

Canberra Institute of the Arts

Use: ANU: School of Art


Canberra International Hotel

Use: Pavilion Hotel


Canberra International Motor Inn



Established ca 1982. Exhibition venue.

Canberra Lacemakers Association



Established 1979. From Sep 1997 at Weston Creek Community Centre, Parkinson Street, Weston Creek. Group.

Canberra Living Artists Week (CLAW)



Established 2007 by Canberra Arts Marketing. Event.

Canberra Museum and Gallery

Use for: CMAG
See also: Nolan Gallery


Established 1998. 176 London Circuit (Corner Civic Square), Canberra City. From 2007 housed Nolan Collection. Exhibition venue and public gallery.

Canberra National Sculpture Forum



Established 1995; ceased 1998. Canberra Sculpture Forum Inc disbanded 2002. Held triennially. Event.

Canberra Photographic Society



Established 11 September 1945. 1945-1951 at 2CA Theatrette, Mort St, Civic; 1951-1952 at Institute of Anatomy, Acton; 1952-1966 at Riverside Centre, Barton; 1966-2005 at Griffin Centre, Bunda St, Civic; from 2005 at PhotoAccess, Manuka. Incorporated Monaro Camera Club in mid 1980s. Group.

Canberra Potters Society

Includes: Potters Place (shop)


Established 1975. Watson Arts Centre, 1 Aspinall Street, Watson. The Potters Shop renamed Potters Place: Creations in Clay in October 2001. Group.

Canberra Quilters Inc



Established 1976 as The Patchwork Group. Group.

Canberra Region Arts, Crafts and Community Activities Association Gallery

Use: CRACCA Gallery


Canberra Region Feltmakers



Established December 1994; first exhibition 1997. Lions Youth Haven, Westwood Farm, Kambah Pool Road, Kambah. Group.

Canberra Repertory Theatre, Riverside

Use: Riverside Centre


Canberra Rex Hotel



Established 1960. 150 Northbourne Avenue, Braddon. Exhibition venue.

Canberra School of Art

Use: ANU: School of Art


Canberra Seniors Centre



Established 1965. 10 Watson Street, Turner. Group.

Canberra Spinners & Weavers


Established 1966. “Kurrajong”, Majura Oval, corner Angas and Sherbrooke Streets, Ainslie. Group.

Canberra Theatre Centre

Includes: Playhouse Gallery, Canberra Theatre Gallery, The Link Gallery.

Use for: Theatre Gallery, Arts Council of Australia.


Centre opened 24 June 1965; Playhouse opened 18 August 1965, rebuilt 1998. Theatre Gallery established by June 1966; closed? after 1978. Playhouse Gallery established by 1 May 1969; closed ?. Link Gallery established January 1977 by Craft ACT; closed October 2001; new Link building opened October 2006. Civic Square, Canberra City. Exhibition venue.

Canberra Theatre Gallery

Use: Canberra Theatre Centre


Canberra Times Crafts Expo

Use for: Royal Canberra Show Crafts Expo


Established by 1997. Royal Canberra Show. Event.

Canberra Times National Art Award



Established by 1983; closed ca 1987. Event.

Canberra Times Outdoor Art Show

Catalogues held separately as serial.


Established by 1985; held in conjunction with Canberra Festival. Event.

Capital Chemist Brindabella Art Prize

Use: Brindabella Art Prize


Capital Chemist Art Award

Use: Brindabella Art Prize


Capital Crafters



Established by 2008. Duntroon Community Centre. Group.

Catt Furniture Shop



Established 1980; closed [destroyed by fire] March 1984. Manuka Village, corner Furneaux and Bougainville Streets, Manuka. Exhibition venue.

Chapman Gallery

Includes: New Chapman Gallery (from 2007).


Established 1976. 15 Beaumont Close, Chapman (1976-ca 1984); 31 Captain Cook Cres, Griffith (ca 1984-2006). Reopened 2007 at 1/11 Murray Crescent, Griffith. Directors: 1976-2006 Judith Behan; 2007 Kristian Pithie. Commercial gallery.

Chartwell Gallery

Use for: Chartwell Crafts Inc.


Established 11 April 1992. Chartwell Crafts, 88 Parramatta Street, Phillip, ACT. Commercial gallery.


Includes: Slate Gallery, Minerva Bookroom


Established 1979. Corner Barrier and Pirie Streets, Fyshwick. Exhibition venue.

Chez Paul Restaurant Francais



4 Colbee Court, Phillip. Exhibition venue.

Chisholm Street Gallery



Established 1990s. 13 Chisholm Street, Ainslie, ACT. Commercial gallery.


Use: Canberra Institute of Botanical Art


CIT (Canberra Institute of Technology)

Use for: TAFE (Canberra College of Technical and Further Education)


Established 1928 at Telopea Park secondary school; moved to Kingston in 1933; became Trade School in 1936; became Canberra Technical College in 1939; moved to Constitution Avenue Reid in 1964; became Canberra TAFE in 1984; renamed Canberra Institute of Technology in 1987. Various campuses. Exhibition venue.

City Heart Disability  Art Prize



Established 2004. Event.

City Pilates



Suite 1, 1st floor, 8 Petrie Plaza, Canberra City. Exhibition venue.

Civic Permanent Art Award



Established by 1971. Held annually. Event.

Clarry’s Arts Café

Use: Gorman House Arts Centre



Use: Canberra Living Artists Week (CLAW)



Use: Canberra Museum and Gallery


COCAS (Choice and Opportunity Community Arts Season)

See: Open Art ACT


Collector Gallery



Established by 2005. 22 Church St, Collector, NSW. Commercial gallery.

Colour Society of Australia, ACT Division



Established by 1989; ceased. Group.

Community Cultural Inclusion Program

Use for: CCIP


Established 2012 as part of ACT government arts policy. Cultural Inclusion Officers based at Belconnen and Tuggeranong Arts Centres. Program.

Companions in Clay



Established by 1990. Group.

Cooleman Court



Established March 1978. Brierly Street, Weston. Exhibition venue.

CRACCA Gallery

Use for: Canberra Region Arts, Crafts and Community Activities Association Gallery


Established by 1994. No. 1, The Boulevard, Cnr Akuna St and City Walk, Civic. Exhibition venue.

Craft ACT

Use for: Craft Association of the ACT; Crafts Council of the ACT; Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre
See also: Canberra Theatre Centre


Established 1971 as Craft Association of the ACT; 1973 became Crafts Council of the ACT; 1998 became Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre. Initially at 1 Aspinall St, Watson; 13 Oct 2000 reopened in North Building, Civic Square, London Circuit, Canberra City. On 1 October 2015 Agency opened in Ori Building, 30 Lonsdale Street, Braddon as Craft ACT’s store. Directors: 1973-1974 Derek Wrigley [Vice-President]; 1975 Barbara McConchie; 1984 Meredith Hinchcliffe; ca 1995-2000 Jenny Deves; 2000-2003 Catrina Vignando; 2003-2009 Barbara McConchie; March 2010- Avi Amesbury. Exhibition venue; shop.

Craft Association of the ACT

Use: Craft ACT


Crafts Council of the ACT

Use: Craft ACT


Cranleigh – Capital Chemist Art Show



Established 2008. Cranleigh School, Starke Street, Holt. Event.

Crisp Galleries



Established 1993. ‘Gap Range’, Bowning, NSW. Directors: Crisp family. Studio, commercial gallery.

CSIRO Discovery Centre

See also: Canberra Institute of Botanical Art


Established August 2000. Clunies Ross Street, Black Mountain, ACT.  Exhibition venue.


Use for: Cuppacumbalong Gallery; Cuppacumbalong Craft Centre.

See also: Narek Galleries, Cuppacumbalong


Established as rural property 1839; December 1975 to 1999 as Cuppacumbalong Art and Craft Centre; craft centre closed 1999; gallery continued, subject to access via Tharwa Bridge. Naas Road, Tharwa. Directors: 1975-? Doug Alexander; ca 1997-1999 Rosina and Bob Akhurst; 2001- Bruce Gibbs. Studio and commercial gallery.

Curtin Primary School Art Show



Established 12 April 2011. Theodore Street, Curtin. Event.

D Block Studio

Use: Gorman House Arts Centre



Use for: Disabled and Disadvantaged Artists – ACT


Established 1995. 19 Gorman House Arts Centre, Ainslie Avenue, Braddon. Group.

Daramalan College



Established 1962. 2 Bancroft St, Dickson. Exhibition venue.

David Jones (Canberra)



Established by 1971. David Jones, Canberra Centre, 260-262 Alinga St, Canberra City. Exhibition venue.

Deakin High School



Established 1966. 111 Denison Street, Deakin. Exhibition venue.

Design Plus Gallery



Established by 1995; closed? after 1997. 134 Monaro Street, Queanbeyan. Commercial gallery.

Disabled and Disadvantaged Artists – ACT




Use: ANU: Emerging Artists Support Scheme


Embassy Motel



Established early 1960s; closed 2009. Hopetoun Circuit, Deakin. Exhibition venue.

Embassy of Brazil

Use: Brazilian Embassy


Embassy of Finland



Established by 2005. 12 Darwin Ave, Yarralumla. Exhibition venue.

Embassy of Mexico

Use: Mexican Embassy


Embroiderers Guild (ACT)



Established 1962. In 1969 named Embroiderers’ Guild ACT; incorporated 1983. Gorman House Arts Centre, Ainslie Avenue, Braddon. Group.

Endeavour House



Corner Captain Cook Crescent and Franklin St, Manuka. Exhibition venue.


Use for: Exhibition Park

Ca 1995

Flemington Road and Northbourne Avenue, Mitchell, ACT. Formerly Canberra Showgrounds.

Exhibition Park



Fantasia Galleries



Established by 1970. 7 Broadbent Street, Scullin. Director: Susan Gillespie. Commercial gallery. Exhibition venue.

Fashion Flair & Fantasy

Use: Flairwear


Festival of Creative Arts and Sciences

Use: Australia 75


Festival of the Contemporary Arts

Use for: FoCA


Established 1995; ceased 2001.Gorman House Arts Centre, Ainslie Avenue, Braddon. Director: 1997, 1999 Greg Marginson; 1996 Mark Ferguson. Event.
In 2007 apparently revived as Festival of Contemporary Art, organised by Craft ACT, Canberra Contemporary Art Space and ANU School of Art, for one event.


Use: Flairwear


Fireside Room

Use: Gorman House Arts Centre



Use for: Fashion Flair & Fantasy; FFF.

See also: Art Thread Design


Established 1999 as fantasy section of Art Thread Design and TASDA exhibitions. Flairwear established 2006. Director: Marlene Greenwood. Event.


Use: Festival of the Contemporary Arts


Form Studio and Gallery



Established August 2011. 1/30 Aurora Avenue, Queanbeyan, NSW. Commercial gallery.

Forrest Inn Gallery

Use for: Forrest Hotel Gallery


Established by 2005. 30 National Circuit, Forrest. Commercial gallery.

Front Studio and Gallery, The

Use: The Front Studio and Gallery


Fyre Gallery



Established November 2005. 84 Wallace Street, Braidwood. Director: Cheryl Hannah. Commercial gallery.


Use: Gallery of Australian Design





Established by 1990; closed [?] after 1999. Gaia Womanspace, 38 Canberra Avenue, Forrest. Exhibition venue.

Galerie de Mar



Established ca 1995; closed 2005. 27 Swinden Street, Downer.

Galerie Fred



Established by 1995. Old Canberra Brickworks, Yarralumla. Studio.

Gallery, Canberra Grammar School

Use: Canberra Grammar School


Gallery 12

Use: Pialligo Plant Farm


Gallery 41

Use for: Gallery Number Forty-One


Established by 1984; closed? After 1987. 41 Whyalla Street, Fyshwick. Directors: Leslie Williams, Robert Small. Commercial gallery.

Gallery A (Canberra)

Use for: Town House Motel


Established 1964; closed after 1966. Town House [Motel], Rudd St, Canberra City. Commercial gallery.

Gallery Huntly



Established by 1974; closed? After 1995. 11 Savige Street, Campbell, ACT. Director: 1974-2005 Ruth Prowse. Commercial gallery.

Gallery of Australian Design



Established May 2009. 44 Parkes Place, Parkes ACT. Partners: University of Canberra, National Museum of Australia, Australian Institute of Architects, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects. Public gallery, exhibition venue.

Garden Gallery



Established by 1985. Avoca Cottage, 32 Victoria Street, Hall.

Garry Palecek Studio

See also: Canberra Potters Society


Established by 2006. 9 Rooth Place, Watson. Studio.

George Paton National School of Silversmithing



Established ca 1990. Inner north Canberra. Artist is Georgina Paton. Studio.

Gigmanity Gallery



Established by 1991; closed? after 1995. 31 Giles Street, Kingston. Commercial gallery.

Giles Street Gallery

See also: Artespresso


Established by 1986. 31 Giles St, Kingston, ACT. Commercial gallery.

Gorman House Arts Centre

Use for: Gorman House Community Arts Centre.

Includes: ACT Community Arts Network; Art Wares; Bogong Theatre; Clarry’s Arts Café; D Block Studio (also called Studio D); Fireside Room; Gorman House Gallery; Jigsaw Theatre; Ralph Wilson Theatre .
See also: Arts Council of the ACT; Canberra Contemporary Art Space


Established 1981; official opening 15 September. To ca October 1990 named Gorman House Community Arts Centre. Ainslie Avenue, Braddon. Offices for arts groups (lists of tenants published in Gorman House annual reports), studios, commercial galleries, exhibition venue.

Gorman House galleries (1 – MAINspace; 2 – MIDDLEspace; Cube)

Use Arts Council of the ACT 1981- June 1987; use Canberra Contemporary Art Space Gorman House after July 1987.


Griffin Centre



Established 1963 at Bunda Street, Civic; reopened 15 September 2005 at 20 Genge Street, Civic.  Exhibition venue.

Griffith Gallery

See also: Lasseters Gallery


Established 1975. 14 Bremer St, Griffith, ACT. Commercial gallery.

Gundaroo Village

Use for: various locations in Gundaroo.

See also: Wright Space Gallery


Exhibition venue.

Hackett Primary School



Established 1964. Maitland Street, Hackett, ACT. Exhibition venue.

Hands On Studio

See also: M16


Established by 1991. In grounds of M16 Studios and Gallery, 16 Mildura Street, Fyshwick. Studio.

Happiest Boy in the World School of Decorative Arts



Established ca 1995. 63 Owen Dixon Drive, Evatt. Directors: Michael Gill & Christine Payne. Studio.

Harrison Art Show



Established 29 June 2012. Harrison Primary School, Wimmera Street, Harrison, ACT. Event.

Hayes St Gallery & Pottery Studio



Established by 1984. 18 Hayes St, Queanbeyan. Directors: 1984 Robert and Maruta Pearson. Studio and commercial gallery.

Helen Maxwell Gallery

See also: Australian Girls Own Gallery (aGOG)


Established March 2000. 42 Mort St, Braddon. Commercial gallery.

Helen Nankivell Studio



Established ca 1979; closed by 1994. 16 Boote Place, Spence. Studio.

High Court of Australia



Established 1901; officially opened at Parkes Place 26 May 1980. Exhibition venue.

Hill Station Restaurant & Gallery



Established ca 1985. 51 Sheppard Street, Hume. Exhibition venue.

Hive, The

Use: The Hive


Hot to Pot Workshops

Use: Jane Crick Studio


Huw Davies Gallery

Use: PhotoAccess

See also: Manuka Arts Centre


Hyatt Hotel Canberra



Established 1924 as Hostel No. 1; January 1925 renamed Hotel Canberra; 23 July 1988 reopened as Hyatt Hotel Canberra. Exhibition venue.


Use: Tuggeranong Hyperdome


Ilios Gallery



Established ca 2010. Wilbur’s Cafe/Bar, Hackett Shops. Commercial gallery.

Impressions on Paper Gallery



Established 10 June 2004; closed as a physical gallery September 2008; became virtual gallery January 2009. June 2004-September 2005 at 225 La Perouse St, Red Hill. From 1 September 2005 at 6/7 Lonsdale St, Braddon. Commercial gallery.

Inanna Inc

Use for: Wednesday Art Arvo Group


Established by 2005. Wednesday Art Arvo exhibits at galleries and online at website gallery. Group.

International Connections



Exhibitions coinciding with the 8th National Ceramics Conference, Canberra. Various venues. Event

International Tenants Day Art Show and Competition



Established by 2008. Sponsors: The Tenants’ Union ACT and Housing ACT. Event.

Italian Cultural Centre



Established 2 June 1996. 80 Franklin Street, Forrest. Exhibition venue.

Jan Vincent Studio



Established 1999. 25 Marrakai Street, Hawker. Studio and exhibition venue.

Jane Crick Studio

Includes: Hot to Pot Workshops


Established by 2003. ‘Moonshill’, 3739 Lumley Road, Tarago, NSW. Studio.

Jardine Street Gallery



Established by 1994. 39 Jardine Street, Kingston. Commercial gallery.

Jerrabomberra Community Centre



Established by 2002. Jerrabomberra Parkway, Jerrabomberra, NSW. Exhibition venue.

Jigsaw Theatre

Use: Gorman House Arts Centre


John Curtin House



Established by 1978. Brisbane Avenue, Barton. Exhibition venue.

Jonathan Baskett Studio Glass



Established ca 2004. 25 Fergus Road, Queanbeyan, NSW. Studio.

Judy Witherdin Glass



Established by 2006. 19 Cloncurry Street, Kaleen. Studio.

Kamberra Glass Art Gallery



Established ca 1998, closed end 2006. Kamberra Winery, Corner Northbourne Avenue and Flemington Road, Lyneham.

Kaori Gallery

Use for: Canberra City Framing Gallery – Kaori Gallery

See also: Canberra Contemporary Art Space (Kaori Gallery)


Established by November 2011. Canberra City Framing Gallery, Corner London Circuit and Hobart Place, Canberra City. Commercial gallery.

Kemarre Arts



Established 2010. Directors: 2010- Jenni Kemarre Martiniello.  Studio, virtual gallery.

KIKU ARTs Gallery



Established 2005. 10 Gibraltar St, Bungendore NSW. Commercial gallery.

Kingston Art Space

See also: Australian Girls’ Own Gallery; Ben Grady Gallery; Canberra Art Workshop; Leichhardt Street Studios; Studio One.


Established ca 1984; re-established March 1992 as Leichhardt Street Studios. First floor, BBC Hardware building, 71 Leichhardt Street, Kingston. Studios and commercial galleries.

La Perouse Gallery



Established 1976; closed after 1980. 57 La Perouse St, Manuka, ACT. Commercial gallery.

Lake Tuggeranong Moon Festival

Use: Tuggeranong Arts Centre


Lasseters Gallery

See also: Griffith Gallery


Established May 2006, at Manuka Court (formerly Thetis Court), Bougainville Street, Manuka. Moved to 14 Bremer St, Griffith. Commercial gallery.

Lavender Art Studios



Established ca 1998.  Director: Greg Devenny-Mackay, alternatively Greg Mackay. Studio.

Legacy House



33 Geils Court, Deakin. Exhibition venue.

Leichhardt Street Studios

Includes: Art Space 71; The Gallery.

See also: Australian Girls’ Own Gallery; Ben Grady Gallery; Canberra Art Workshop; Kingston Art Space; M16; Spiral Arm Gallery; Studio One.


Established March 1992; re-established 2002 as M16. First floor, BBC Hardware building, 71 Leichhardt Street, Kingston. Studios and commercial galleries.

Les Arts



Established by 1957. Room 5, Adams’ Buildings, Kingston. Exhibition venue.

Life’s Reflections Photographic Competition



Established by 2006. Directors: ACT Department of Housing and Community Services. Event.

Link Gallery

Use: Canberra Theatre Centre


Lions Youth Haven



Established ca 1988. Westwood Farm, Kambah Pool Road, Kambah. Exhibition venue.

Liquid Gallery



Established 2010.  7 Clint Place, Macquarie. Directors: 2010 Lisa Kenny. Commercial gallery.


Includes: M16 Artspace; Foyer Space; Backspace.

See also: Canberra Art Workshop; Leichhardt Street Studios; StudioMAP; Hands On Studio


Established 2002 as continuation of Leichhardt Street Studios and Kingston Art Space, at 16 Mildura St, Fyshwick; from 1 August 2010 at Blaxland Centre, 25 Blaxland Crescent, Griffith. Director: 2007- Joseph Falsone. Studios, community workshops, exhibition venue.
M16 also administers Canberra Art Workshop, studioMAP and Hands On Studio.

MacKillop College Art and Craft Show

Use for: Padua Art and Craft Show


Established 1979 as Padua Art and Craft Show; continued as MacKillop College Art and Craft Show. Mackinnon Street, Wanniassa. Event.
MacKillop College established 1997 by amalgamation of Padua Catholic High School, Wanniassa and St Peters Catholic College, Isabella Plains.

Macquarie Galleries Canberra

See also: Anna Simons Gallery


Established 1965; closed after 1978. In 1965-1967 exhibited at Canberra Theatre; 1969-1972 at Macquarie House, 23 Furneaux Street, Forrest; 1976-1977 at 35 Murray Crescent, Manuka. Director: 1965-ca 1972 Anna Simons. Commercial gallery.

Made From Australia Galleries

See also: Paintbox Fine Art


Established ca 1999; closed December 2004; re-established as Paintbox  Fine Art in February 2005. 36 Grey Street, Deakin, ACT. Directors: Steve and Ann Watson. Commercial gallery.

Mamingo Workshop



Established by 1992. 13 Hyde Place, Hughes. Studio.

Manning Clark House and Gallery



Established after 2000 in Manning and Dymphna Clark’s house, 11 Tasmania Circle, Forrest. Exhibition venue.

Manuka Art Centre

See also: PhotoAccess


Established by 1979. Shop 20, Style Arcade, Manuka. Commercial gallery.

Marcia Hill Galleries

See also: Southlands Gallery


Established by 1979. No permanent location in Canberra. Commercial gallery.

Marsden Group

Use for: Marsden Arts Group


Established ca 2004. 22 Marsden Street, Dickson. Director: Barbara van der Linden. Group.

Mawson Gallery



Established 2004. 63 Wilkins Street, Mawson. Director: Monika Leone. Commercial gallery.


Use for: Megalo Print Studio and Gallery; Megalo Kingston; Megalo Access Arts; Megalo Screenprint; Megalo Grafix; Megalo Graphix.


Established 1980 as Megalo Print Studio and Gallery. Initially at 71 Leichhardt Street, Kingston; this location continued in use until July 2003, when it relocated to 16 Mildura Street, Fyshwick. Main studio to 1992 at  Ainslie Village, Quick Street, Ainslie; from July 1992 at old Hackett Primary School, corner Maitland and Madigan Streets, Hackett. In 2000 incorporated equipment from Studio One Print Workshop and became Megalo Access Arts. From 2003 to September 2010 at Canberra Technology Park, 49 Phillip Ave, Watson. From 2013 at Old Bus Depot, Kingston, renamed Kingston Arts Precinct ca 2014. Directors: to 2014 Alison Alder; July 2014 Ingeborg Hansen. Studio and commercial gallery.



Established ca 2003. Director: Megan Jones. Virtual gallery.

Melba High School

Use for: Melba Copland Secondary School, High School Campus.


Established 1976; amalgamated with Copland College 2008 to form Melba Copland Secondary School. 15 Conley Drive, Melba. Exhibition venue.

Messengers Program

Use: Tuggeranong Arts Centre



Use: National Science Week Exhibitions


Mexican Embassy

Use for: Embassy of Mexico


Embassy established 13 May 1966 at Mugga Way, Red Hill; moved to 14 Perth Avenue, Yarralumla 31 May 1982; gallery space in Perth Ave building.

Michelago Community Hall



Ryrie Street, Michelago, NSW. Exhibition venue.

Monaro Mall Art Prize

See also: Artists’ Society of Canberra


Established 1965. Monaro Shopping Mall Merchants’ Association and Artists’ Society of Canberra. Event.

Montmartre Cultural Association

Use for: Montmartre Gallery


Established by 1982. 35 Murray Crescent, Manuka. Director: 1982-1983 Nancy Sever. Exhibition venue.

Multicultural Fringe Festival




Museum of Australian Democracy



Established 9 May 2009 within Old Prliament House, Parkes. Exhibition venue.

Namadgi National Park Visitor Centre



Established 1990. Naas Road, Tharwa. Exhibition venue.

Nancy Tingey Studio



Established ca 1973, initially at 25 Hall Street, Hall; by 2007 at Strathnairn Arts Association, 90 Stockdill Drive, Holt. Studio.

Narek Galleries

See also: Cuppacumbalong; Pialligo Plant Farm


Established by 1972. Old Tanja Church, 1140 Bermagui Road, Tanja, via Tathra NSW. To June 1977 at 23 Grey Street, Deakin; from 16 July 1977 to ca 1996 at ‘Cuppacumbalong’, Naas Road, Tharwa; from 1996 to ca 2001 at Pialligo Plant Farm. Closed; reopened December 2004 at Tanja. Director: 1984 Karen O’Clery. Commercial gallery.

National Archives of Australia



Established 1998 at Queen Victoria Terrace, Parkes. Exhibition venue.

National Arts Week in Canberra



Established 1988. Arts Council of Australia. Event.

National Gallery of Australia

Use for: exhibitions and related events.

Use: General ephemera – National Gallery of Australia for administration, building, etc.


Established 24 Oct 1982. Parkes Place, Parkes, ACT. Public gallery.

National Gallery of Australia: Drill Hall Gallery

Use: ANU: Drill Hall Gallery


National Jewish Centre

Use for: Jewish Memorial Centre


Established 1971 as Jewish Memorial Centre. National Circuit, Forrest. Exhibition venue.

National Library of Australia

Use: General ephemera


Almost all National Library static and travelling exhibitions include books and artefacts.

National Methodist Church (Wesley Centre)

Use: Wesley Uniting Church (Wesley Centre)


National Museum of Australia

Use: General Ephemera.

See also: Behind the Lines


National Museum of Erotica



Established March 2000; closed ca 2003. 37A Northbourne Avenue, Civic. Public gallery.

National Photography Festival

Use: Vivid


National Portrait Gallery

See also: Old Parliament House


Established 1994; 1994-2008 at Old Parliament House, Parkes; 14 November 2002-2008 also at annex at Commonwealth Place, Parkes. From 4 December 2008 at Parkes Place, Parkes, ACT. Director: 1994-1998 managed by National Library of Australia; from April 1998 Andrew Sayers. Public gallery.

National Science Week Exhibitions

Use for: Metis


Art exhibitions are occasionally held in conjunction with National Science Week. They may have individual titles, and are held at various venues. Event.

National Sculpture Forum, Canberra

Use: Canberra National Sculpture Forum



Established ca 2004 by trustee of estate of Neil Roberts. Virtual gallery.

Nishi Gallery



Established ca 2015. 17 Kendall Lane, NewActon, ACT 2601. Performance and exhibition venue.

Nolan Gallery

Use for: Nolan Collection; Nolan Gallery Collection.


Established 1974 in Lanyon Homestead; in March 1980 moved to Nolan Gallery, Lanyon; from 2007 temporarily located at Canberra Museum and Gallery, permanently from November 2009. Corner London Circuit and Civic Square, Canberra City. Directors (Curators): from ca 1987 David Dolan; from ca 1992 Angela Philp; from ca 1998 Peter Haynes. Public gallery.

Nomad Art Gallery



Established 2005 in Darwin, 2011 in Canberra. Shop 11, M Centre, Palmerston Lane, Manuka ACT. Directors (Darwin): Angus and Rose Cameron. Commercial gallery.

Nova Art Gallery



Established by 1994; closed. Northbourne Avenue, Civic; later at Aranda Shops. Director: Sally Marchant. Commercial gallery.

Nundah Gallery

Use for: Nundah Galleries; Studio Nundah


Established 1962; closed ca 1974. Began as Studio Nundah, in 1966 renamed Nundah Gallery. Director: Mrs Riek LeGrand. 4 Macarthur Ave, O’Connor, ACT. Commercial gallery.

Oaks Brasserie

Use: Yarralumla Gallery and the Oaks Brasserie


Oikos Gift Gallery

Use: Pavilion Hotel


Old Bus Depot Markets



Established 1994. 21 Wentworth Avenue, Kingston. Commercial gallery.

Old Canberra Brickworks

See: Beverley Hall’s Studio; Galerie Fred


Old Parliament House

See also: National Portrait Gallery


Established as public space 15 December 1992. King George Terrace, Parkes. Exhibition venue.

Old Saint Luke’s Studio Gallery



Established 1982; ceased operation 1989-1999; reopened 2000 as Old Saint Luke’s Studio Gallery; May 2011 house and gallery destroyed by fire; rebuilt and reopened 31 August 2013. 1045 Shingle Hill Way, Gundaroo, NSW.  Director: Ian Jones. Studio and commercial gallery.

Open Art ACT

See also: Belconnen Community Centre; Tuggeranong Arts Centre.


Established 1998. Initially at Belconnen Community Centre, later also at Tuggeranong Arts Centre. In 2000 was associated with COCAS (Choice and Opportunity Community Arts Season) grant program. Studio.

Orion Sculpture Park

Use: Stephanie Burns Fine Art


Outsider Gallery



86 Foxlow Street, Captain’s Flat, NSW.

Padua Art and Craft Show

Use: MacKillop College


Paintbox Fine Art

Includes: Anne and Steve’s Art

See also: Made from Australia Galleries


Established 8 February 2005 by directors of Made from Australia Galleries. 32 Lonsdale Street, Braddon, ACT. Directors: Steve & Anne Watson. Commercial gallery.

Painting for Pleasure

Use: University of the Third Age


Painting with Parkinson’s



Established November 1994 by Nancy Tingey. Joseph Banks Building, Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra. Facilitators: Nancy Tingey 1994-1995, John Pratt and Roberta Turner from 1996. Group.

Palangi Persian Art Gallery



Established ca 2002. 2/21 Tea Gardens, Gungahlin. Director: Fatemah Palangi. Commercial gallery and studio.

Parliament House



Established 1988. Exhibition venue.

Pastoral Gallery

See also: Bimbimbi Potters


Established 1973. Bimbimbi, Old Cooma Road, via Queanbeyan. Director: Hiroe Swen. Commercial gallery.

Patchwork Group

Use: Canberra Quilters Inc


Pavilion Hotel

Use for: Canberra International Hotel; Pavilion on Northbourne


Established as Canberra International Hotel 1981; 1992 renamed Pavilion Hotel; ca 1994 became Pavilion on Northbourne Hotel and Serviced Apartments. 242 Northbourne Avenue, Dickson. Exhibition venue.

Peter Latona Studio


Established ca 1977. 115 Starke Street, Holt. Studio.

Phoenix Prize for Spiritual Art

Use: ANU School of Art


Photex 94



Established 1994. Belconnen High School, Murranji Street, Hawker. Event.


Includes: Huw Davies Gallery


Established September 1984. Initially at Kingsley Street, Acton; 2002 moved to Manuka Arts Centre, corner Manuka Circle and New South Wales Crescent, Griffith. Studio and gallery.

Manuka Arts Centre reopened ca 2002 as a community arts venue; from 1965 to ca 2000 it housed the Canberra School of Music. Directors: 2005- PhotoAccess, on behalf of ACT Government.

Pialligo Estate Winery



Established by 2005. 18 Kallaroo Road, Pialligo. Exhibition venue.

Pialligo Fine Art Gallery

Use: Pialligo Plant Farm


Pialligo Plant Farm

Includes: Pialligo Fine Art Gallery; Gallery 12

See also: Narek Galleries.


Established ca 1985. 12 Beltana Road, Pialligo. Various incarnations; Pialligo Fine Art Gallery August 2007 to June 2008; Gallery 12 from September 2008. Directors: Rhondda and Geoff Cleary. Commercial gallery.

Playhouse Gallery

Use: Canberra Theatre Centre


Pot Shop



Established by 1976; closed after 1981. 34 Endeavour Street, Red Hill. Director: Eleanor Scott-Findlay. Possibly a studio.

Potters’ Place



Established by 1978. Upstairs in The Boot and Flogger, 32 Giles Street, Kingston. Director: Norma Shields. Exhibition venue.

Potters Place: Creations in Clay

Use: Canberra Potters Society


Public Art

Use for: permanent and temporary art works in outdoor spaces.

See also: Canberra Hospital; Canberra Museum and Gallery


Temporary works: Domain November 2007.

Q Exhibition Space

Includes: The Q; The Light Well; Door 3


Established March 2008. Q Performing Arts Centre, 253 Crawford Street, Queanbeyan. Exhibition venue.

Queanbeyan Art Society



Established by 1983. O’Neill’s Cottage, 6 Trinculo Place, Queanbeyan. Group.

Queanbeyan City Council Art Award



Established 2008. Event.

Queanbeyan City Library



257 Crawford Street, Queanbeyan. Exhibition venue.

Quilting Circle A.C.T.




Rainbow, The


Ca 2004

Established by 2004. H Block, Canberra Technology Park, 49 Phillip Avenue, Watson. Psychosocial rehabilitation program under the Mental Health Foundation, ACT, including an art and ceramics program. Group.

Ralph Wilson Theatre

Use: Gorman House Arts Centre


Ranamok Glass Prize



Established 1994, ended 2014. Work of finalists shown at the Glass Artist Gallery, Sydney, 1994-2006, then at Canberra Glassworks 2007-2014. Acquisitive collection (annual prizewinners) given to National Gallery of Australia 2014. Directors: 1994 Maureen Cahill, Andy Plummer; 2010 Jane Burns, Maureen Cahill, Damien Clarke, Andy Plummer, Deirdre Plummer. Event.




Established August 2004. Shop 8/55 Woolley St, Dickson. Commercial gallery.

Reflections Gallery

Use: Belconnen Art Gallery


Regatta Point Restaurant

Includes: The Deck


Established ca 1984. National Planning Exhibition Building, Regatta Point, Commonwealth Park. Exhibition venue.

Right Brain Art Courses and School

Use: Artlinks Canberra


Riverside Centre

Includes: Riverside Gallery; The Studio; Canberra Repertory Theatre


Established 1950s, closed 1966. Riverside Gallery [established 1953] and The Studio [established 1964] at 7 Riverside Centre, Barton. Commercial galleries, exhibition venue.

Robijn Ong Studio



Established ca 1982; closed 1998. Studio.

Rose Cottage

Use for: Rose Cottage Craft Barn


Corner Monaro Highway and Isabella Drive, Gilmore.

Royal Hotel Bungendore



34 Gibraltar Street, Bungendore, NSW. Exhibition venue.

RSL National Headquarters



Current building established 1963 at corner Constitution Avenue and Blamey Crescent, Campbell. Exhibition venue.

Rydges Capital Hill Hotel



Established 1988. Corner National Circuit and Canberra Avenue, Forrest, ACT. Exhibition venue.

Rydges Lakeside Hotel



Established 1970s as Lakeside Hotel. 1 London Circuit, Canberra City. Exhibition venue.

Saint Barnabas Ministry Centre



Established May 2003. 10 Charnwood Place, Charnwood. Exhibition venue.

Salvation Army



Level 1, corner Anketell and Reed Streets, Tuggeranong. Group, exhibition venue.

School art exhibitions

See: ANU: Emerging Artists Support Scheme; Artisans at Orana Inc; Canberra Girls’ Grammar School; Canberra Grammar School; Cranleigh – Capital Chemist  Art Show; Curtin Primary School Art Show; Daramalan College; Deakin High School; Hackett Primary School;  Harrison Art Show; MacKillop College Art and Craft Show; Melba High School; Photex 94


SCOOP [Strathnairn Co-op shop]

Use: Strathnairn


Senior Citizens

Use: Canberra Seniors Centre


Solander Gallery



Established March 1974. 1974-1987 at 2 Solander Court, Yarralumla. By August 1986-ca 1997 at 36 Grey St, Deakin. From May 1997 at 10 Schlich St, Yarralumla. Director: Joy Warren. Commercial gallery.

Southlands Gallery

See also: Marcia Hill Galleries


Established by 1978; closed ca 2000. Shops 4-5, Southlands Centre, Mawson. Directors: to ca 1981 possibly Marcia Hill, 1982 to ca 1991 Dianne and Geoff Lean, ca 1991 to 2000 Aileen and Bill Maloney.  Commercial gallery.

Southside Community Services Gallery

Use: Southside Gallery


Southside Gallery

Use for: Southside Community Services Gallery


Established 2005. Southside Community Services, 63 Boolimba Crescent, Narrabundah. Community gallery.

Spiral Arm Gallery

See also: Ben Grady Gallery; Leichhardt Street Studios


Established 1992; closed ca May 2002. Exhibition space of Leichhardt Street Studios, Kingston Art Space, 71 Leichhardt St, Kingston.

St Andrew’s Church



Established 1934; extended 1979. State Circle, Forrest. Exhibition venue.

St. Cyr’s Gallery



Established October 1993. 53 Dundas Court, Phillip. Director: Helen Sinko. Commercial gallery.

St John’s Church



Established ca 1846. Constitution Avenue, Reid, ACT. Exhibition venue.

Stephanie Burns Fine Art

Use for: Orion Sculpture Park


Established 2002; closed 2007. From 2002 to October 2003 at 31 Wollongong Street, Fyshwick. From November 2003 to 2005 at 107 Strickland Crescent, Deakin. From 21 September 2005 to 29 September 2007 at Shop 2, 25 Bentham St, Yarralumla. From 2008, developing sculpture park and gallery at 17 Archer Close, Yass, NSW; opened 2010 as Orion Sculpture Park. Commercial gallery, then permanent exhibition.

Stitchery ACTers



Established ca 1986. Group.


Includes: Blue Folk Community Arts; Brindabella Arts Community; Brindabella Community Arts Farm; SCOOP


Established 1970s as Blue Folk Community Arts centre (director Domenic Mico); ca 1985 to 1997 as Brindabella Community Arts Association; from 1998 as Strathnairn Arts Association. 90 Stockdill Drive, Holt. SCOOP [Strathnairn Co-op shop] opened ca 2006. Directors: 1984 Nan Harrison; from ca 1990 Michael Sainsbury, then management committee with Sainsbury as manager/caretaker. Studio, exhibition venue and commercial gallery.

Street Theatre Gallery

Includes: Healthpact Gallery


Established 1994. Corner Childers Street and University Avenue, Canberra City. Included Healthpact Gallery 1998-2001. Exhibition venue

Studio Altenburg

Includes: Altenburg Fine Art Gallery and Gift Shop


Established 1978. 104 Wallace St, Braidwood, NSW. Director: Christoph Altenberg 1978-Aug 2008. Commercial gallery.

Studio D

Use: Gorman House Arts Centre


Studio MAP

See also: M16


Established January 1995 in former City Parks Depot, Throsby Lane, Griffith; 2007-July 2010 in M16 Artspace, 16 Mildura Street, Kingston; from 1 August 2010 at M16 Artspace, Blaxland Centre, 25 Blaxland Crescent, Griffith. Director: Jeffree Skewes. Studio.

Studio Nundah

Use: Nundah Gallery


Studio One

See also: Kingston Art Space; Leichhardt Street Studios


Established 1983; closed 2000. Set up as Studio One Printmaking Workshop by Dianne Fogwell and Meg Buchanan. Kingston Art Space, 71 Leichhardt St, Kingston. Studio.

Sutherland Studios



Established December 1997. Weston Creek, Canberra. Director: Denise Sutherland. Studio.

Suzanne Bellamy Studio

Includes: Mongarlowe Studio Workshops


Established 1994. Director, Mongarlowe Studios, Northangera Road, Braidwood, NSW. Studio.

TAFE (Canberra College of Technical and Further Education)

Use: CIT (Canberra Institute of Technology)


TAFTA, The Australian Forum for Textile Arts

Use: The Australian Forum for Textile Arts (TAFTA)


Textile Art & Surface Design Association ACT (TASDA)

Use: ACT Textile Arts Association (ACTTAA)


Textile Network ACT



Established 1993. Initially at ‘Kurrajong’, corner Angas and Sherbrooke Streets, Ainslie; by 1997 at Canberra School of Art, ANU. Directors: founding committee Betty Hudson and Audrey Ford. Group.

The Art Shed Gallery and Pottery Studio



Established 1992. 7 Naas Road, Tharwa. Director: Malcolm Cooke. Studio and commercial gallery.

The Artists Shed

See also: The Photography Room


Established 1995 as studio, and from November 2004 with public gallery. Unit 2, 14 Foster Street, Queanbeyan, NSW. Director: Margaret Hadfield. Studio and gallery.

The Atelier



Established by January 1978. 31 Rutledge St, Bungendore, NSW. Director: Ysabel Hoyos. Studio.

The Australian Forum for Textile Arts (TAFTA)



Established 1974 at meeting held Sturt Crafts Centre, Mittagong, NSW. Headquarters in Brisbane; biennial conferences held around Australia.

The Boulevard Artists

Use for: variable group of public installation and performance artists who exhibit at The Boulevard Plaza.


Established by 2001. Boulevard Building, Akuna Street, Civic. Group.

The Centre Gallery



Established by 1959. 33 Ainslie Avenue, Civic, just off London Circuit. Commercial gallery.

The Front Studio and Gallery



Established 8 July 2005. Shops 1-2, Wattle St, Lyneham. Commercial gallery.

The Hive

Includes: Kingston Hive


Established 1999 as Kingston Hive, adjacent to Old Bus Depot Markets, Wentworth Avenue, Kingston; March to June 2001 in Old Bus Depot Markets building; from March 2001 as The Hive, 25 Lonsdale Street, Braddon. Director: Jenny Shaw. Commercial gallery.

The Link Gallery

Use: Canberra Theatre Centre


The Oaks Brasserie

Use: Yarralumla Gallery and the Oaks Brasserie


The Photography Room

See also: The Artists Shed


Established 2011. Upstairs at The Artists Shed, 14 Foster Street, Queanbeyan, NSW. Director: Sean Davey. Exhibition venue.

The Q

Use: Q Exhibition Space


The Studio, Riverside

Use: Riverside Centre


Theatre Gallery, Arts Council of Australia

Use: Canberra Theatre Centre.

See also: Arts Council of the ACT


Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre



Established 8 December 2005. 2nd floor, North Building, 180 London Circuit, Canberra City.  Exhibition venue.

Thursday Painting Group



Established by 2009. Group. May have changed name in 2011 to Women @ Work.

Thursday Potters



Established possibly ca 1980. Group.

Tilley's Devine Cafe Gallery



Established January 1984. Corner Wattle and Brigalow Streets, Lyneham.  Exhibition venue

Tin Shed Art Group



Established ca 1993. Group.

Tin Sheds Gallery

Use: venue


Tin Sheds Gallery is part of Faculty of Architecture, University of Sydney.

Town House Motel

Use: Gallery A (Canberra)


Trading Partners

Use: venue


Established in Victoria by Australian Council of Churches as non-profit group supporting direct marketing of goods from Third World self-help groups.


Use: Brindabella Art Prize


Treadles Gallery



Established by 1995. 30 Howitt Street, Kingston. Commercial gallery.




Established in 1990s. Studio.

Trish Bridges Studio



Established by 1990. To ca 1996 at 16 Lamington Street, Deakin; 1996 to ca 1998 at 28 MacRobertson Street, Mawson; from 1999 at 19 Shepherdson Place, Isaacs. Studio.

Tuffin’s Music Studios



Established by 1976. Altree Court, Phillip. Exhibition venue.

Tuggeranong Arts Centre

Includes: Gallery; Lake Tuggeranong Moon Festival; Tuggeranong Community Arts Association.

See also: Brindabella Art Prize; Rotary Youth Art Award.


Established 1991 as Tuggeranong Community Arts Association; Arts Centre built 1998. Corner Reed and Cowlishaw Streets, Greenway. Exhibition venue.

Sponsors Brindabella Art Prize; Tuggeranong Rotary Youth Art Award; Messengers early intervention art program.

Tuggeranong Community Arts Association

Use: Tuggeranong Arts Centre


Tuggeranong Homestead



Established 1999 as an events venue. Johnson Drive, Richardson. Director: Neil Gillespie. Exhibition and workshop venue.

Tuggeranong Hyperdome



Established 1987. 175 Anketell Street, Tuggeranong. Exhibition venue.

Tuggeranong Open Art

Use: Open Art ACT


Tuggeranong Regional Art Prize

Use: Brindabella Art Prize


Tuggeranong Rotary Youth Art Award

See also: Tuggeranong Arts Centre


Established 1994. Held annually in conjunction with Tuggeranong Community Festival. Event.

Tuggeranong Valley Artists Group



Established May 1989. Group.

University of Canberra

See also: Gallery of Australian Design


Established 1967 as Canberra College of Advanced Education; from 1 January 1990 as University of Canberra. Kirinari Street, Bruce. Various venues including Design Gallery, Gallery Restaurant, Staff Club. Exhibition venue.

University of the Third Age

Use for: U3A art groups


Established 1986. Painting for Pleasure established ca 1996. Group.




Established ca 2000. 7 Andamooka Street, Fisher. Director: Leslie McIntyre. Commercial gallery.

Vivid National Photography Festival



Established 2008; held in Canberra 11 July-12 October 2008. Event.

Watson Arts Centre

Use for: Crafts Council Gallery (to 1998); Watson Community Arts Centre.
See also: Canberra Potters Society; Craft ACT.


Established 1973 as Watson Community Arts Centre. 1 Aspinall Street, Watson. To 1998 occupied by Craft ACT; from ca 1998, managed for ACT Government by Canberra Potters Society. Exhibition venue, studios.

Wednesday Art Arvo Group

Use: Inanna Inc.


Wednesday Group



Established 1960s. Group.

Weeweera – A Festival of Lake George



Established 1999. 23 Molonglo Street, Bungendore, NSW. Director: Elizabeth Cameron Dalman. Event.

Wesley Centre

Use: Wesley Uniting Church (Wesley Centre)


Wesley Uniting Church (Wesley Centre)

Use for: National Methodist Church (Wesley Centre)


Established 1955 as National Memorial Methodist Church. 22 National Circuit, Barton. Exhibition venue.

Westfield Woden Plaza

Use: Woden Plaza


Wildlife and Botanical Artists (ACT)



Established by 1999. Group

Woden Churches Centre



Established 14 September 1974, closed January 2002. Town Square, Woden. Exhibition venue.

Woden Plaza

Use for: Woden Shopping Square; Westfield Woden


Established in stages during 1970s. Woden Town Centre, Phillip. To ca 2006 as Woden Plaza except for brief period as Woden Shopping Square; from ca 2006 as Westfield Woden. Exhibition venue.

Woden Valley Hospital

Use: Canberra Hospital


Women @ Work

Use: Thursday Painting Group


Wood Works Gallery Bungendore

Use: Bungendore Wood Works Gallery


Woodcraft Guild ACT, Inc.

Use for: Wood Guild of the ACT


Established 1980. The Shed, Lions Youth Haven, Kambah Pool Road, Kambah. Group.

WOT [Watercolour Outdoors on Thursday]



Established 2003; first exhibition May 2005. Group.

Wright Space Gallery



Established January 2012. 47 Cork Street, Gundaroo, NSW. Commercial gallery.

X Gallery



Established ca 2005. 32 Gibraltar Street, Bungendore, NSW. Director: Xanthe Gay. Commercial gallery.

Yarralumla Gallery and the Oaks Brasserie



Established by 2002 in cottage built ca 1921. Cottage 1, Weston Park Road, Yarralumla, ACT. Directors: Brent and Elaine Richter. Commercial gallery.

Yarralumla Marine Centre



Established ca 1975, closed ca 1991. Corner Novar Street and Kintore Crescent, Yarralumla. Exhibition venue.

Yarralumla Uniting Church Midwinter Arts and Crafts Show



Established ca 1980. Uniting Church Centre, Denman Street, Yaralumla. Event.




Established 1971 at Phillip; later closed.  Exhibition venue.