General Ephemera

File Title List

27 May 2016

Each file listed may contain flyers, brochures, catalogues, stickers, tickets, posters or any other small item of single-use paper-based information

The collection is arranged largely by creating body but some general subject files such as Education and Sport have been created.

The list is arranged alphabetically.

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Aboriginal Australians

ACT Asthma Association

ACT Biosphere Project

See also: Nature and Society Forum Inc.

ACT Bushfire Recovery Centre

See also: ACT Bushfire Recovery Taskforce

ACT Bushfire Service / ACT Bushfire Council

See also: Emergency Services Authority

ACT Centenary of Federation

ACT Chess Association

Includes: Canberra Chess Club and ACT Junior Chess League

ACT Children’s Week

ACT Communities Online

ACT Community Care

ACT Council for Teachers of the Arts

ACT Council of Cultural Societies

ACT Council of P&C Associations

ACT Council of Social Services (ACTCOSS)

ACT Cultural Council

ACT Cultural Facilities Corporation

ACT Democrats

ACT Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Service

See: ADACAS – ACT Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Service

ACT Elections

See: ACT Government Ephemera Collection for Electoral Commission. See folders by election year for candidate/material and party.

ACT Electricity & Water


ACT Ethnic Schools Association

ACT Greens

ACT Hepatitis C Council

ACT Heritage Committee

ACT Heritage Council

ACT Heritage Festival

ACT Heritage Grants

ACT Heritage Week

ACT Home Tutor Scheme

ACT Interpreter Service

ACT Junior Chess League

See: ACT Chess Association

ACT Knitters’ Group

ACT Legal Services

ACT Light Rail

ACT Mental Health Consumer Network

ACT Multicultural Council Inc.

ACT Office of Multicultural & International Affairs

ACT Palliative Care Society

ACT Papal Visit Office / World Youth Day in Canberra

ACT Parks & Conservation Service

See: ACT Government Ephemera Collection

See also: Australian Alps National Parks

ACT Playgroups Association

ACT Seniors Week /Senior Citizens’ Week

See also: Council on the Ageing (COTA)

ACT Square Dance Society

ACT State Emergency Services (SES)

See: Emergency Services Authority

ACT Story Tellers Guild



See: CIT (formerly Canberra College of TAFE)

ACT Teachers Federation

ACT Trades & Labour Council

ACT Vegetarian Society

ACT Women’s Consultative Council

ACT Workcover

See: ACT Government Ephemera Collection

ACT Writers Centre

Includes: Fellowship of Australian Writers


See: ACT Council of Social Services


See also: ACTEWAGL

ACTEW (Cotter Pumping Station)

ACTEW Corporation Promotional Material


See also: ACTEWAGL


See also: ACTEW


Action on Smoking & Health

See: Canberra ASH Inc.

ADACAS – ACT Disability, Aged and Carer Advisory Service

Adult Education Week

African Violet Society of Canberra

Aged Care

See also: Health Services

AIDS Action Council

Ainslie Activity Centre

Includes: Ainslie Arts Centre

Albert Hall (not Performing Arts)

Alcoholics Anonymous

ALIA Library Technicians Section

Alliance Francaise de Canberra

Alternative Medicine (missing 27/11/12)

Alternative Therapies

Alzheimers Association ACT / Alzheimers Australia

Amnesty International Australia


Anne’s Legacy for Patch Kids

Antiques & Collectables Fair

ANU conferences / seminars

ANU: all other talks, lectures, seminars etc .

See also:

ANU: Toyota-ANU Public Lecture Series

ANU: Public Lecture Series

ANU: National Institutes Public Lecture Series

ANU: Centre for Continuing Education

See also:

ANU: all other talks, lectures, seminars, etc.

ANU: Choral Society

ANU: National Institutes Public Lecture Series

ANU: Toyota-ANU Public Lecture Series

ANU: Conferences / Residential Schools / Meetings, etc .

Includes: ephemera on Conferences / Residential Schools / Meetings held at, but not affiliated with, the University

ANU: Course Information

ANU: Faculties / Departments

Includes: ephemera produced by ANU faculties, departments

ANU: General

ANU: Literary Events / Launches

ANU: Meet the Author (Lecture Series)

ANU: Miscellaneous Organisations

ANU: Mount Stromlo Observatory

ANU: National Institute of the Arts

ANU: National Institutes Public Lecture Series

See also:

ANU: all other talks, lectures, seminars, etc

ANU: Public lecture series

ANU: Toyota-ANU Public Lecture Series

ANU: Public Lecture Series

See also:

ANU: all other talks, lectures, seminars, etc

ANU: National Institutes Public Lecture Series

ANU: Toyota-ANU Public Lecture Series

ANU: Toyota-ANU Public Lecture Series

See also:

ANU: all other talks, lectures, seminars, etc

ANU: National Institutes Public Lecture Series

ANU: Public Lecture Series


ANZAAS – Australian & New Zealand Association for Advancement of Science

Apex Clubs of Canberra

See also: Fraternal Organisations

Apprenticeship Training / Week

Armed Services Miscellaneous

Art: classes / teaching/ Competitions

See also: Artists’ Society of Canberra

Arthritis ACT / Arthritis Foundation of the ACT

Includes: Arthritis Education and Information

Arts ACT

Arts Council of Australia, ACT Division

Artsound FM 92.7

Association of Independent Retirees (Ltd) (Canberra)


AusDance ACT

AustCare ACT

Australia ’75 – Festival of Creative Arts and Sciences

Australian Academy of Science

Australian Academy of the Humanities

Australian Alps National Parks

See also: ACT Parks & Conservation: Namadgi National Park

Australian Astrologists, ACT Branch

Australian Bicentennial Authority

Australian Breastfeeding Association, ACT Branch

See also: Nursing Mothers Association

Australian Broadcasting Commission

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australian Capital Region Development Council

Australian Catholic University

Australian Computer Society (ACT Branch)

Australian Conservation Foundation

Australian Defence Forces Academy (ADFA)

Australian Goethe Society - Canberra Branch

See also: Goethe Institute

Australian Heritage Commission

Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material

Australian Institute of Anatomy

Australian Institute of International Affairs

Australian Institute of Political Science

Australian Labor Party – ACT Branch

Includes: Labor History Society of Australia

Australian Library & Information Association, ACT

Australian National Botanic Gardens

Australian National Eisteddfod Society

Australian National Museum of Education

Australian Native Plants Society

Australian Open Garden Scheme

Australian Railway Historical Society (ACT Division)

Australian Red Cross, ACT

Australian Republican Movement

Australian Science Festival

Australian Senate, Occasional Lecture Series

Australian Society of Archivists, ACT Branch

Includes: ASA School Archives Special Interest Group

Australian War Memorial

Australiana Fund

Avatar, ACT


See also: Charities and Fundraising

Belconnen Arts Centre

Belconnen Community Services Inc.

Belconnen Youth Centre

Blundell’s Cottage

BOMA (Building Owners & Management Association of Australia Ltd.)

See: Housing Industry

Books and Writers

Bowen in Belconnen (missing 27/11/12)

Boys & Girls Brigade

Braidwood, NSW, and environs

Breast Cancer Network Australia / Breast Cancer Foundation

Brindabella Community Arts Association

Brindabella Valley

Bungendore, NSW, and environs

Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology & Geophysics (BMR)

Burra, NSW

Business Groups and Associations – various

Bywong, NSW, and environs

Calthorpe’s House

Calvary Hospital

Calwell Community Centre

Camp Quality

Canberra Accommodation

Canberra Airport

Canberra and District Historical Society

Canberra and District Tourist Information – private

Canberra Archaeological Society

Canberra Arts Marketing

Canberra ASH, Inc.

Canberra Bio-Energy Centre

Canberra Blind Society

Canberra Bombers (Canberra Essendon supporters’ group)

Canberra Bonsai Society

Canberra Business Council

Canberra Business Week

Canberra Calligraphy Society

Canberra Campaign for the Arts

Canberra Casino

Canberra CBD LTD

Canberra Centre

Canberra Chamber of Commerce

Canberra Choral Society

Canberra Churches Centres

See: Communities of Faith

Canberra Cloth Dollmakers

Canberra College of Advanced Education

See: University of Canberra

Canberra Community Foundation

Canberra Convention Bureau

Canberra Council for Overseas Students

Canberra Employment Expo

Canberra Festival

Canberra Fire Museum

Canberra Gem Society

Canberra Geranium & Fuchsia Society

Canberra Glassworks

Canberra Highland Society and Burns Club

Canberra Hospital

Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT)

Canberra International Arboretum and Gardens

Canberra International Film Festival

Canberra International Music Festival

Canberra Irish Club

Canberra Jung Society

Canberra Labor Club

Includes: Canberra Worker’s Club

Canberra Lapidary Club

Canberra Latvian Dancing Group

Canberra Learning Exchange Society

Canberra Liberals

Canberra Mothercraft Society

Canberra Multilist

Moved to Heritage Library serials section. See also: Canberra Home Buyers Guide

Canberra Museum and Gallery

See also: ACT Cultural Facilities Corporation

Canberra Organic Gardening Groups

See also: Gardens and Gardening

Canberra Ornithologists Group

Canberra PCYC (Police and Citizens Youth Clubs)

Canberra Pensioners Club

Canberra Photographic Society

Canberra Picture Postcard Collectors

See: Philatelic Society of Canberra

Canberra Planetarium

See: Canberra Tradesmen’s Union Club

Canberra Public Cemeteries Trust

Canberra Rape Crisis Centre

Canberra Recorded Music Society

Canberra Recorder and Early Music Society

Canberra Schizophrenia Fellowship

Canberra School of Art

See also: ANU School of Art; ANU National Institute of the Arts

Canberra School of Music

See: Performing Arts Ephemera Collection;

Canberra Seniors Centre

Canberra Skeptics

Canberra Southern Cross Club

Includes: Knights of the Southern Cross

Canberra Southern Cross Travel Club

See: Canberra Southern Cross Club

Canberra Space Frontier Society

Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild

Includes: ACT Science Fiction Association; Conflux: Canberra Science Fiction Convention; Canberra Science Fiction Society

Canberra stargazers Observatory

See: Canberra Tradesmen’s Union Club

Canberra Stories Group

Canberra Times

Includes: The Chronicle

Canberra Tourism – Private Operators

Canberra Tradesmen’s Union Club

Includes: Canberra Bicycle Museum; Canberra Space Dome & Observatory; Downer Club

Canberra Unity Party

See: ACT Elections

Canberra Urban Parks and Spaces

Canberra Wine District

Canberra Women’s Health Centre

Cancer Council ACT

See also: ACT Cancer Society Incorporated

Capital Arts Patrons Organisation (CAPO)

Capital Cats Inc (ACT)

Includes: ACT Longhair Cat Club; Canberra Cat Fanciers Association; Birman Cat Club of Canberra

Captains Flat, NSW, and environs

Careers, Employment

Carers ACT / Carers Association of the ACT


Cemeteries / Crematoriums – ACT

Centenary of Canberra

Centenary of Federation

Center Cinema

See also: Ronin Films; Electric Shadows


Cerebral Palsy

See: Spastic Centre

Chamber of Commerce & Industry, ACT Region

See: Canberra Chamber of Commerce

Charities and Fundraising Activities

Charles Sturt University

Child Care – Services and Events

Children’s Book Council (ACT)

Children’s Week ACT

See: ACT Children’s Week

Cockington Green

Collector, NSW

Commonwealth Legal Professional Officers Association, ACT Branch

Communities @ Work

Communities of Faith files

Includes: ACT Muslim Youth Forum; ACT Spiritualists; All Saints Anglican Church, Ainslie; All Souls Anglican Church, Chapman; Alliance Church; Anglican Diocese of Canberra & Goulburn; Anglican Historical Society; Anglican Parish of Bungendore; Anglicare Canberra & Goulburn; Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn – Catholic; Australian Christian Meditation Community ACT; Bahai Society of the ACT; Baptist Churches; Belconnen Churches Centre; Belconnen Community Church; Bible Society; Brahma Kuman’s Raja Yoga Meditation Centre; Buddhist Chengwa Centre (missing 27/11/12); Buddhist Groups (others) (missing 27/11/12); Buddhist Rigpa Canberra (missing 27/11/12); Buddhist Tibetan Society of ACT (missing 27/11/12); Campbell Gospel Chapel; Canberra Austral Asian Christian Church; Canberra Christian Deaf Church; Canberra Churches Centres; Canberra Interfaith Forum; Canberra Korean Church; Canberra Mahikari Sukto Centre; Canberra Revival Centre; Canberra Society for the Study of Religion & Theology; Capital Bible Church; Catholic Education Office: Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn; Catholic Groups (others); Catholic Social Outreach Programs; Catholic Women’s Groups; CBM (Christian Blind Mission); Centacare – See: Catholic Groups (others); Christ Church, Hawker; Christa Delphians; Christian Community of Faith (various); Christians; Christians for Peace; Christians for an Ethical Society; Christian Scientists; Church of Christ (Canberra); Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, Watson, see: Holy Rosary Church, Watson; Church of the Good Shepherd, Curtin (Anglican); Circle of Light; Covenant of Grace Church; Dianetics Information Centre; Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery (missing 27/11/12); Dzogchen Community of Australia; Eckankar Society of Central Australia, Canberra Branch; Education for Lay Ministries (missing 27/11/12); Evening Light Association (missing 27/11/12); Falun-Dafa / Falun-Gong; First Church of Christ, Scientist; Free Serbian Orthodox Church; Greek Orthodox Community; Gungahlin Anglican Church; Hindu Groups; Holy Cross Anglican Church, Hackett; Holy Family Catholic Church, Gowrie (missing 27/11/12); Holy Rosary Church, Watson; Holy Trinity, Curtin; Inner Peace Movement (missing 27/11/12); Islamic Centre, Canberra; Islamic / Muslim Groups; Jehovah’s Witnesses; Jewish Community (ACT); Jewish Historical Society (ACT); Kippax Uniting Care; Lanyon Community Church; Mary Help of Christians, South Woden; Methodist Church in Australia (Canberra); Miscellaneous Small Independent Church Groups; Monaro Community Church; National Council of Churches in Australia; New Spirit, The New Church, Canberra, Society; Orthodox Churches; Quakers Australia – see Religious Society of Friends (Quakers); Religious Society of Friends (Quakers); Rongton Buddhist Training College (missing 27/11/12); Rosicrucian Centre; Scientology; Scripture Union ACT; St Aidan’s Uniting Church, Canberra Central Parish; St Alban The Martyr Anglican Church, Woden; St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church; St Anthony’s Parish, Wanniassa (Catholic); St Benedict’s Catholic Church, Narrabundah; St Christopher’s Cathedral (Catholic); St. Clement’s Monastery and Retreat Centre, Galong; St David’s Anglican Church, Red Hill; St George’s Anglican Church, Pearce; St James’ Anglican Church, Holt; St James Uniting Church, Curtin; St John the Apostle Parish, Belconnen West (Higgins); St John the Baptist Anglican Church, Reid; St John the Baptist Russian Church, Narrabundah; St John Vianney Catholic Church, Waramanga; St Kliment’s Macedonian, Orthodox Church; St Margaret’s Uniting Church, Hackett; St Mark’s National Theological Centre; St Mary in the Valley (Anglican); St Ninian’s Uniting Church, Lyneham; St Patrick’s Catholic Church, Manuka; St Paul’s Anglican Parish, Manuka; St Peter and Paul’s Chruch, Garran; St Peter’s, Weston; St Philips’s Anglican Church, O’Connor; St Simon;s, Kalleen (Anglican); St Stephens, Kambah; St Stephens Presbyterian, Queanbeyan; St Thomas More Parish, Campbell; St Thomas The Apostle Parish, Kambah (Catholic); St Vincent de Paul Church, Aranda; St Vincent De Paul Society; Salvation Army (Canberra); Scientology; Scripture Union ACT; Sikh Groups; Spiritual & Faith Healing; Sri Chinmoy Centre; Sufi Movement in Australia; Swedenborg Centre, Canberra; Taoist Tai Chi Society of the ACT; Theosophical Society in Canberra; Tibetan Buddhist Society of Canberra; Twin City Church; Ukrainian Orthodox; Uniting Church of Australia, Canberra Central Parish; Wesley Uniting Church, National Circuit Forrest; Woden Valley Alliance Church; Yarralumla Uniting Church (missing 27/11/12);

Community Associations

Community Information & Referral Service of the ACT

Includes: Citizens Advice Bureau

Community, Licensed and Social Clubs

Conservation Groups (Natural Resources)

Cooleman Court Shopping Centre

Cooma NSW

Council on the Ageing (COTA)

See also: ACT Seniors Week


Includes Financial Counselling

Country Women’s Association, Canberra


Includes: ACOA (ACT)

Crafts, Games and Pastimes

Credit Unions and Building Societies


Crookwell, NSW


Includes: CSIRO Discovery

Cultural and Linguistic Diverse Communities

Dance – Classes / Teaching

Dances – Public

Dante Alighieri Society

Das Zentrum Australian–German Institute Inc.

Dendy Theatres

Diabetes Australia ACT


Downer Community Association

Drug Action Week

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Australia Inc.

East Asian Art Society (missing 27/11/12)

Education – Private Tutoring (missing 27/11/12)

See also: School related organisations

Education – Student Groups (missing 27/11/12)

Elections – Federal

Electric Shadows

See also:

Ronin Films

Center Cinema

Embassies / Diplomatic Missions

Emergency Services Authority

Includes: ACT Emergency Service and Civil Defence; ACT Fire Brigade

Civil Defence ACT; Emergency Services Bureau

Employment Services – Government

Employment Services - Private

Engineers Australia

See: Institution of Engineers

Environment ACT, Department of Urban Services, ACT

See also: Department of Environment, Land & Planning –ACT; Department of Urban Services – ACT; Black Mountain Wildflower Walk

Environment ACT: Energy and Advisory Service

Environment ACT: Explore – Environment & Heritage

Environment ACT: Heritage Unit / ACT Heritage Unit / Heritage Education Program

Environment ACT: Home Energy Advisory Team

Environment ACT: Waterwatch

Erindale Centre

Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC)

Includes: Royal National Capital Agricultural Society

Family History / Genealogy (not HAGSOC)

See also: Heraldry and Genealogy Society of Canberra Inc

Farmers Markets ACT region

Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery

Fetes, Fairs, Fiestas, Garage Sales, etc.

Field Naturalists Association of Canberra

See also: Black Mountain Wildflower Walk


Fraternal Organisations

Friends of Aranda Bushland

Friends of Floriade

See: Floriade

Friends of Mount Majura

See also: ACT Parks & Conservation Service; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Canberra Nature Park; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Googong Foreshores; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Magpies; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Mt Taylor Park Care; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Namadgi National Park; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Ranger Guided Walks; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Black Mountain Wildflower Walks; Environment ACT: Explore Environment & Heritage

Friends of Mount Painter

See also: ACT Parks & Conservation Service; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Canberra Nature Park; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Googong Foreshores; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Magpies; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Mt Taylor Park Care; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Namadgi National Park; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Ranger Guided Walks; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Black Mountain Wildflower Walks; Environment ACT: Explore Environment & Heritage

Friends of the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission)

Friends of the ACT Library and Information Service

See also: ACT Library Service collection

Friends of the ANU Classics Museum

Friends of the ANU Library

Friends of the ANU School of Music

Friends of the Australian National Botanical Gardens

Friends of the Canberra Theatre Centre

Friends of the Griffin Centre

Friends of the National Film and Sound Archive

Friends of the National Library of Australia

Friends of the National Museum of Australia

See also: National Museum of Australia

Friends of the Noel Butlin Archives Centre

Friends of Wesley Music

Friendship Force of Queanbeyan and Canberra 

Gardens and Gardening

Geoscience Australia

Gift of Life – Organ Donation

Ginninderra Community Council

Ginninderra Press

See also: Books & Writers

Ginninderra School House

See: Schools – Primary A-Z

Girl Guides Association

Glaucoma Australia

Goethe Institute Canberra

See also: Australian Goethe Society

Gold Creek Village

Good Neighbour Council of The ACT

Gorman House Arts Centre

Includes: Australian Choreography Centre; Canberra Youth Theatre; DADA – Disability & Disadvantaged in the Arts ACT Inc.; Markets

Goulburn, NSW, and environs


Greening Australia, ACT & SE NSW

Greens (political party)

See also: Politicians – ACT Legislative Assembly

Guide Dogs Association of the ACT

Gundaroo, NSW

Gungahlin Regional Community Services

Includes: Gungahlin Youth Services

Gunning, NSW

Hall Village, NSW, and environs

Harmonie German Club

Health – Community Support & Education

See Also: Alternative Therapies

Health Providers (Private)

Hellenic Club of Canberra

Heraldry & Genealogy Society of Canberra

Heritage Festival

High Court of Australia

High Speed Trains

Hillside Health Centre (missing 27/11/12)

See also: Alternative Therapies

History and Heritage Networks - ACT and Queanbeyan


See: Crafts, Games & Pastimes

Horticultural Society of Canberra

See also: Gardens & Gardening

Hostels (Canberra)

Hotel Canberra

Hotels and Motels

Housing Industry

Humanist Society of Canberra Inc.

Institute of Anatomy

Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia

Institute of Public Administration (ACT)

Institution of Engineers Canberra Division

International Women’s Day

Jamison Centre

Japanese Film Festival

See also: Australia-Japan Association

Jervis Bay

Jobless Action Inc.

Justices of the Peace, ACT

Kambah Residents Association

Keep Australia Beautiful Council (ACT)

Kingston Foreshores

Includes: Kingston Foreshore Development Authority

Kippax Fair Shopping Centre

Kosciusko Huts Association (KHA)

Kosciusko National Park

See: Australian Alps National Parks

Lake Bathurst, Tarago and district, NSW

Lake Burley Griffin


See also: Environment ACT: Waterwatch

Lanyon Homestead

See also: ACT Cultural Facilities Corporation

Legal Aid (Women)

See: Womens Organisations, diverse

Liberal Party of Australia, ACT Branch

Life Skills


Link: Learning Information Network

Manning Clark House

Manuka, ACT

Marymead Child and Family Centre


Master Builders Association of the ACT

See also: Businesses; Housing; Trades

Maternity Coalition Inc.


Memorials, Miscellaneous - ACT

Men’s Organisations – diverse

Mental Health Foundation ACT Inc.

See: Mental Health Resource (ACT) Inc.

Mental Health Resource (ACT) Inc.

See also: Mental Illness

Mental Illness


Migrant Resource Centre

Migrant Services

Minders of Tuggeranong Homestead (MOTH)

See: Tuggeranong Homestead

Molonglo Press

See also: Books & Writing

Motoring Clubs / Shows


Multicultural Women’s Advocacy

Multiple Sclerosis Society of ACT

Murrumbateman, NSW, and environs

Museum of Australian Democracy

See: Old Parliament House

Museums Australia

Music For Everyone / Music Teaching Groups and Organisations

NAPCAN – National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect

National Aquarium

See: Zoos and Aquariums

National Archives of Australia

National Association for Loss & Grief ACT

National Bonsai & Penjing Collection of Australia

National Capital Attractions Association

National Capital Authority

See also: National Capital Development Commission; National Capital Planning Exhibition, Regatta Point

National Capital Development Commission,

See also: National Capital Authority

National Capital Planning Exhibition, Regatta Point

See also: National Capital Authority

National Convention Centre

National Council of Churches in Australia

See: Communities of Faith

National Council of Women of ACT

National Emergency Services Memorial

National Environmental Law Association

National Film & Sound Archive

See also: Screen Sound Australia

National Folk Festival

National Foundation for Australian Women

National Gallery of Australia

National Heart Foundation

National Kite Flying Festival

National Library of Australia

National Multicultural Festival

National Museum of Australia

National Parks Association (ACT)

National Police Memorial

National Science Week

National Trust of the ACT

National Word Festival

See: Word Festival

National Youth Week

National Zoo and Aquarium

Nature & Society Forum Inc.

See also: ACT Biosphere Project

Naval Historical Society of Australia. ACT Chapter

Neighbourhood Watch

Nimmitabel, NSW, and environs

Northside Community Services

Norwood Park Crematorium

See: Cemeteries / Crematoriums ACT


NRMA – ACT Road Safety Trust


O’Connell Information & Resources Centre

Old Canberra Brickworks

Old Parliament House

Includes: Museum of Australian Democracy

Om Shanti College

Orchid Society of Canberra

Outward Bound

Oxfam Community Aid Abroad (ACT)

OzHarvest Canberra

See: Communities@Work

Palerang Council – NSW

Parliament House, Canberra

Parliamentary Press Gallery

See: Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery

PC Users Group ACT

Pegasus Foundation

Pen ACT & Pen International, Canberra

PFLAG Canberra

Philatelic Society of Canberra

Philippines – Australian Association (ACT)

Photo Access

Pialligo, ACT

Playgroups, Playschools, Childcare

Poets, Poetry

Politicians – ACT Legislative Assembly

Politicians – Federal

Politicians – NSW

Print Handicapped Radio of ACT Inc.

Prisoners Aid (ACT)

Protests – Environmental

See also: Save the Ridge Inc

Protests - Industrial

Protests - Political

Public Relations Institute of Australia (ACT)

Public Transport – Other

See also:


Deane’s Buslines

Queanbeyan – Coast Region (not including Queanbeyan)

Includes: the area from Queanbeyan to the South & Far South Coast

Queanbeyan Community Events

Queanbeyan Local Government

Queanbeyan TAFE


Radio Stations – Local (Other than ABC)

Includes: 2CA; 2CC; 2XX; CMS; Radio One RPH; Valley FM

See also: Australian Broadcasting Commission

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Institute of the ACT

See: Real Estate Agents

Reflections of Antiquity. Drawing & Painting by Greg MacKay, Artistic, Poetry, Writing Holiday Programs

Refugee Groups

Reid Residents Association

Reid, Margaret

Relationships Australia, Canberra & District

See also: Counselling


Roads ACT

Ronin Films

See also: Center Cinema; Electric Shadows


Rotary Clubs

Royal Australian Institute of Architects ACT Chapter

Royal Australian Mint

Royal Canberra Show

Royal Commonwealth Society

Royal Military College, Duntroon

See also: Duntroon Homestead


RSPCA Inc, Canberra

See also: Animals

Satyanda Yoga

Save Our Schools Campaigns

Save the Children, ACT

Save the Ridge

School for Self Knowledge

School-related Organisations

Includes: ACT History Teachers Association; Home schooling; Gifted children

See also: Save Our Schools Campaigns; Schools – Colleges and Grammar Schools A-Z; ACT Department of Education; Private Education (Adult Education)

Schools – ACT Department of Education Administrative Notices for Schools

Schools – After School and Holiday Programs

See also: Schools Out Holiday Care

Schools – Colleges and Grammar Schools A-Z

Includes: AME School; Brigidine College Dickson; Brindabella Christian College; Burgmann Anglican School; Canberra Church of England Girls Grammar School; Canberra Grammar School; Canberra Secondary College (Philip and Stirling Colleges Amalgamated in 1997); Copland College; Daramalan College; Dickson College; Erindale College; Hawker College; Lake Ginninderra College; Lake Tuggeranong College; Marist College; Melba Copland College; Merici College; Narrabundah College; North Canberra Senior Secondary Colleges; Phillip College (see also: Canberra Secondary College); Radford College; St Clare’s College; St Edmund’s College; St Francis Xavier College (see also: Canberra Secondary College); School Without Walls; Stirling College ;

See Also: ACT Department of Education; Private Education (Adult Education)

Schools – High Schools A-Z

Alfred Deakin High School; Belconnen High School; Calwell High School; Campbell High School; Canberra High School; Caroline Chisolm School; French-Australian School – Telopea Park after 1983; Kaleen High School; Kambah High School; Kingsford Smith School; Lanyon High School; Lyneham High School; Melba High School; Melrose High School; Narrabundah High School; Orana School; Signadon Catholic Girls High School Braddon; St Frances Xavier High School Florey; Stromlo High School; Telopea Park High School; Watson High School

Schools – Pre-Schools A-Z

(Unsorted & Unclassified)

Schools – Primary A-Z

Ainslie Primary School; AME School; Arawang Primary School; Birrigai Outdoor School; Black Mountain School; Bluegum School; Campbell Primary School; Chapman Primary School; Chifley Primary School; Cook Primary School; Co-operative School O’Connor; Cranleigh School; Curtin Primary School; Duffy Primary School; Emmaus Christian School; Fisher Primary School; Flynn Primary School; Forrest Primary School; Garran Primary School; Ginninderra School House; Giralang Primary School; Gold Creek Primary School; Gordon Primary; Griffith Primary School; Hacket Primary School; Hall Primary School; Harrison Primary School; Hawker Primary School; Hughes Primary School; Isabella Plains Primary School; Kaleen Primary School; Kingsford Smith School; Koomarri School (see Black Mountain School); Latham Primary School; Lyneham Primary School; Lyons Primary School; Macquarie Primary School; Majura Primary School; Malkara School; Mawson Primary School; Melrose Primary School; Miles Franklin Primary School; Montessori School; Mount Neighbour Primary School; Mount Rogers Community School; Narrabundah Primary School; North Ainslie Primary School; Page Primary School; Pearce Primary School; Red Hill Primary School; Richardson Primary School; Rosary School Watson; Rudolf Steiner School; Sacred Heart Primary, Pearce; Scullin Primary School; St Bede’s Primary School Red Hill; St Christopher’s School; St Joseph’s Primary School O’Connor; St Jude’s Primary School Holder; St Matthew’s Primary School Page; St Monica’s Primary School; St Peter & Paul Primary School, Garran; St Vincent’s Catholic School Aranda; Taylor Primary School; Telopea Park School; Tharwa Primary School; Torrens Primary School; Turner Primary School; Uriarra Primary School; Wanniassa Primary School; Weetangera Primary School; Weston Creek Primary School; Yarralumla Primary School

Schools – Private Adult Education Courses

Scout Association of Australia, ACT Branch


See also: National Film & Sound Archives

Self-Government, ACT

Sexual Health & Family Planning ACT

Smith Family

Snowy Monaro Region

Includes: region from outside Canberra to the Victorian Border

Society for Growing Australian Plants

See also: ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Black Mountain Wildflower Walks; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Canberra Nature Park; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Googong Foreshores; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Magpies; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Mount Taylor Park Care; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Namadgi National Park; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Ranger Guided Walks; ACT Parks & Conservation Service: Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve; Australian National Plants Society; Black Mountain Wildflower Walks ; Environment ACT: Explore Environment & Heritage

Society of St Vincent de Paul

See: Communities of Faith Files


Southlands Mawson

Southside Community Festival

See: Southside Community Services

Southside Community Services

Spastic Centre

Spatial Sciences Institute (SSI)

Sport – Organisations / Clubs & generic files

ACT BMX Association; ACT Brumbies; ACT Calisthenics; ACT Cricket Association; ACT Cross Country Club; ACT Equestrian Association; ACT Jockey Club; ACT Motor Cycle Club; ACT Rugby Union Club; ACT Veterans Athletics Club; ACT Walking for Pleasure; Ainslie Football Club (includes social club); Athletics – Track; Australian Rules Football; Australian Institute of Sport (AIS); Australian Sports Foundation; Badminton; Baseball; Basketball; Bowls – See: Lawn Bowls; Bushido Black Belt Academy (missing 27/11/12); Calisthenics (see Gymnastics / Calisthenics); Canberra Amateur Cycling Club; Canberra Archery Club; Canberra Bushwalking Club; Canberra Cannons; Canberra Canoe Club; Canberra Capitals; Canberra Croquet Club; Canberra International Dragway; Canberra Racing Club; Canberra Raiders; Canberra Royals Rugby Football club; Canberra Sailing Club; Canberra Two Day Walk; Canberra Yacht Club ; Capital-Pro Wrestling (missing 27/11/12); Climbing / Mountaineering; Cricket; Croatia Deakin Soccer Club (missing 27/11/12); Cycling; Disabled Sports; Dragon Boat Racing; Eastlake Football Club; Equestrian Events; Family Bushwalkers Inc; Fishing; Fitness Act; Flying; Fun Runs / Walks; Golf; Gridiron; Gymnastics / Calisthenics; Harness Racing (see Trotting); Handball; Hockey; Horse Racing; Ice Hockey; Lawn Bowls; Little Athletics; Martial Arts (not Tai Chi, not Dojo News (see main collection)); Miscellaneous Sports; Motor Cycling; Motoring Clubs; Mountain Climbing; Netball; Orienteering; Pedal Power Inc; Queanbeyan Golf Club; Rogaining; Roller Skating; Rowing; Royal Canberra Golf Club; Rugby League; Rugby Union; Rugby World Cup 2003 (see Sport: Sporting Events); Sailability ACT; Sailing / Water Sports; Shooting; Skiing; Soccer; Softball; Sports Coaching; Sports Medicine; Sri Chinmoy Sporting Events; Swimming (Pool-Public) Clubs / Events; Tai Chi; Ten Pin Bowling; Tennis; Thoroughbred Park ACT (see Horse Racing); Trotting; Triathalon; Tuggeranong Minstrels Basketball Club; Tuggeranong Valley Rugby Union & Amateur Sports Club; Volleyball ACT; Volleyball (General); Walking; Water Polo; West Belconnen Leagues Club; Western Districts Rugby Union Club; Weston Creek Athletics Club; Weston Creek Football Club; Wests Rugby Club – Western District Rugby Union Club; Wrestling

Sport: Sporting Events

AFL Fosters Cup; Australian Masters Games, Canberra; Black Pal Stakes (see Horse Racing); Cycling Events (includes: Big Canberra Bike Ride, Brindabella Challenge; Kanga Cup); Motor Racing Events (other)

Olympic Games 2000, Canberra; Prime Ministers XI; Rally of Canberra; Rugby World Cup 2003, Canberra; Terry Fox Fun Run (see: Sport – Organisations / Clubs Fun Runs); V8 Super Cars

Springout Festival, celebrating Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transsexual Communities

St John Ambulance

St John’s Schoolhouse Museum

Suburbs A-D

Suburbs E-Z


Superannuated Commonwealth Officers’ Association (SCOA)

Survivors of Suicide Inc.

See also: Health: Community Support & Education Groups

Sustainable Population Australia, Canberra Branch

Sutton, NSW

Syandra Health Centre (missing 27/11/12)

See also: Sahaja Yoga Meditation; Satyananda Yoga

TADACT (Technical Aid to the Disabled ACT)

Technical Aid to the Disabled ACT


Television Stations - Local

Telstra Tower

Includes: Tower Restaurant

Temenos (missing 27/11/12)

Tenants Union, ACT

Tharwa ACT

Tidbinbilla Deep Space Communication Complex

Tidbinbilla Pioneers Association

Tilleys Cafe

Toastmasters (ACT Groups)

Total-Care Industries Ltd.

Trade Unions ACT

Trainee & Apprentice Centre, Office of Training & Adult Education

See: ACT Government Ephemera Collection

Trains, High Speed

See: High Speed Trains

Transact Communications

Transitional Accommodation Services, formerly DARE ACT

See: ACT Government Ephemera Collection

Tuggeranong Arts Centre

Tuggeranong Child and Family Centre

Tuggeranong Community Council

Tuggeranong Festival

Tuggeranong Homestead

Includes: Minders of Tuggeranong Homestead

Tuggeranong Hyperdome

Tuggeranong Link

Tuggeranong Youth Centre

Twin Cities, Sister Cities

U3A - University of the Third Age, Canberra

Universities ACT: Combined Events

University of Canberra

See also: Canberra College of Advanced Education

University of the Third Age

See: U3A

Victims of Crime Assistance League



Volunteering ACT / Volunteer Centre of the ACT

Walter Burley Griffin Society

Wee Jasper, NSW


Includes: Legal Aid; Welfare Rights

Westfield Shopping Mall, Belconnen

Westfield Shopping Mall, Woden

Westlake ACT

Weston Creek Community Council / Centre

Weston Creek Festival

See: Weston Creek Community Centre

WIRC (Women’s Information Referral Centre)

Woden Community Service

Woden Seniors Club

Woden Valley Community Council Inc

Woden Valley Hospital

See: Canberra Hospital

Women’s Electoral Lobby ACT

Women’s Organisations, diverse

Includes: Women’s Legal Centre

Word Festival

Yarralumla Residents Association

Yarralumla Shire, NSW

Yass, NSW, & Environs



Youth Centres, Clubs and Organisations

Includes: YHA