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HMSS 0337 Peter Kay Cradle Roll Certificate

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HMSS 0337


Peter Kay Cradle Roll Certificate

Date Range

3 November 1946


 0.01m (1 wallet)

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Within Presbyterian congregations, the Cradle Roll was an outreach program to encourage contact between the parish and family of children under 5 years of age.  Babies baptised within a congregation were often issued cradle roll certificate and received birthday cards.  Once a child turned 4 or 5, parents were encouraged to enrol the child in the Sunday School. 

The Cradle Roll Certificate in this collection was issued to Peter Ross Kay by the St Columba's, Braddon Presbyterian Sunday School on 4 November 1946, about 3 months after his birth.

Peter, born 25 July 1946, was the son of Robert Peter Kay, died 17 April 1991 and his first wife Alma Louise nee Dolan, died 17 November 1961.