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HMSS 0180 Stephen Faulkner Photographs

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HMSS 0180


Stephen Faulkner Photographs

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September 1960 – December 1981


1 photograph box

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Stephen Dennis Faulkner, died 14 Aug 2006, was a long-term resident of Canberra.  Evidence from the photographs suggests that he worked at a variety of labouring jobs in Queensland and Canberra, and that he spent his leisure time with both workmates and the Gower family of O’Connor, ACT. He apparently had an interest in cars, and went picknicking in rural ACT and adjoining areas of New South Wales.  His photographs depict not only a developing Canberra but the lifestyle of people here during the 1960s and early 1970s.

Transfer from the Public Trustee.

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134 black and white photographs and 1 colour photograph, mainly of Mr Faulkner and his friends and workmates in and around Canberra

September 1960-December 1981