Aboriginal People of the ACT

History of the Aboriginal People of the ACT Region - A select list of resources

Books and Journals

Bindon, P. & Pike, G.
Survey of prehistoric and some historic sites of the Gungahlin district, ACT
, 1989.
ACTHL Location: H 333.72 BIND

Brown, Carl et. al., 
Stories of the Ngunnawal, 2007.
ACTHL Location: H 305.89915 STOR

Flood, Josephine.
Aborigines of the Canberra Region (kit), 1982.
ACTHL Location:
: H 305.89915 ABOR

Flood, Josephine.
Moth Hunters of the Australian Capital Territory : Aboriginal traditional life in the Canberra region,1996. 
ACTHL Location:
H 994.4701 FLO
Gillespie, Lyall.
Aborigines of the Canberra Region, 1984.   ACTHL Location: H 994.0049915 GIL

House, Paul H.,
Uriarra Moth Stone : a Ngambri site of significance, 2004.
ACTHL Location: H 994.71 HOUS

Jackson-Nakano, Ann.
The death and resurrection of the Ngunnawall [manuscript] : a living history 1994, 1994.
ACTHL Location:
H 306.0899915 JACK

Jackson-Nakano, Ann.
The Kamberri : a history from the records of Aboriginal families in the Canberra-Queanbeyan district and surrounds 1820-1927 and historical overview 1928-2001, 2001.
ACTHL Location:
H 306.0899915 JACK

Jackson-Nakano, Ann.
Ngambri ancestral names for geographical places in the ACT, 2005.  
ACTHL Location:
H 919.47 JACK

Jewell, Bronwyn (ed).
Meeting place meeting people : stories collected by Iris Clayton, 1997.
ACTHL Location:
H 305.89915 MEET

Bluett, W.P.
The Aborigines of the Canberra District at the Arrival of the White Man: address to Canberra & district Historical Society 29 May 1954
ACTHL Location:
H 306.0899915 BLUE

Kabaila, Peter Rimas.
Belconnen's Aboriginal past : a glimpse into the archaeology of the Australian Capital Territory
, 1989.  
ACTHL Location:
H 994.71 KABA  

Peterson, Nicolas.
Tribes and boundaries in Australia
, 1976. 
ACTHL Location:
H 301.2994 TRIB
Robinson, Frederick W.
Canberra’s first hundred years and after
, 1927.
ACTHL Location:
H 994.7 ROBI

Schumack, J. E. & S.
An autobiography, or tales and legends of Canberra pioneers
, 1967.  
ACTHL Location:
H 994.7 SHUM
Wright, W. Davis.
, 1923.
ACTHL Location:
H 994.71 WRIG


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