National Science Week 2020

Canberra Women of Science and Arts

Explore the stories of these amazing Canberra women, their work and art, and how they got to where they are. Respond to the stories with a creative interpretation to win prizes or download the Activity and Resources book, or visit one of our branches and ask our friendly staff for one.

Introducing our new Maker Kits

We're so excited to launch our new Maker Kits, where you can bring science and tech home. We've got PocketLab Voyagers, Edison Robots, CrowPis, 3D Pens, Ozobot Evos and Makey Makeys for you to borrow. Reserve a kit today!

Giggle & Wiggle Online

Nature and the world around them is your baby’s first science lab. Anna and Jeya are singing songs about the environment for National Science Week and reading "What Do You Call a Baby...?" by Kameh Bin Salleh. Watch, sing and explore.

Science themed Online Story Times

Learning about plants, animals, weather, counting and exploring are all apart of science! Join Emily reading 'Ten Little Figs' by local author Rhiân Williams/illustrated by Nathaniel Eckstrom and explore your own backyard for National Science Week!

Literacy is Everywhere - Yarralumla Nursery

Go behind-the-scenes with Hao from Yarralumla Nursery and learn about what they do, plus find out some of the words and phrases that Horticulturists use.

Release date: Friday 21 August 2020

Science themed book suggestions

We wouldn't be complete if we didn't recommend some of the fantastic science themed books you can borrow from the library. Have a look at our online catalogue and if you see one you like, reserve it with your library membership. Not a member? Click "Register" at the top of this page to join online.