Story Stones

Story Stones are a great interactive way to spark your little storyteller's imagination, from the tiniest storyteller to adults. They help children see how stories work and helps make their journey of learning to write and read more meaningful and successful.

What you will need:

  • A handful of stones - white or light coloured ones with a smooth side that is easy to draw on.
  • A texta - permanent markers or paint pens from a hardware store are excellent but any kind will do.

How to make and use your story stones:

Get started by watching this video and Caitlin will show you what to do.

How to make and use your story stones video

  1. Draw symbols or pictures on four or more stones that you can use to make up different parts of your story - for example, a character, setting, problem, resolution
  2. Use the stones as a guide to tell someone your story

You can also decorate lots of stones with different pictures and symbols, then pick out random ones and challenge yourself to make up a story on the spot!

This activity is suitable for all ages with supervision. Even tiny babies benefit from seeing their parents drawing and explain their story to their child.