Little Listeners Podcast

We are so excited to join Left Lane Outreach Theatre to launch their first Little Listeners Podcast. Kitty and Jemma have turned their popular Little Left Lane shows into a special listening experience for you to enjoy at home. Venture into the garden, space, under the sea, back in time and more!

Every story explores new places as we learn to understand ourselves and the world around us, and helps empower children to express their unique voice.

This activity is suitable for ages 4+

The Grumpy Little Worm Who Didn't Like To Share

Listen closely and let your imagination come to life as you get mucky with grumpy little worm and find out how a mysterious seed gets him to share his garden.

Take your child’s ‘Grumpy Worm’ experience further with our free books and digital resources.

The Different Little Dino Who Didn't Quite Fit

Switch your little listening ears on and get your stomping feet ready for episode 2 and follow the Little Dino as she discovers what makes her special.

Take your child’s ‘Different Little Dino’ experience further with our free books and digital resources.

The Cheeky Little Fish Who Liked To Make a Mess

Who likes to make a mess? The Cheeky Little Fish does in episode 3 of the Little Listeners Podcast. Listen in, get moving and see what lesson there is to learn this week.

The Brave Little Bird Who Knew What Was right

Sometimes it’s hard to be brave and speak up. If your little ones are quiet, maybe Brave Little Bird and her friends can help them find their voice.

The Shy Little Star Who Was Afraid Of Their Light

Let’s take off into deep space! Explore the planets and be empowered as the Shy Little Star finds the confidence to stop dimming his light and shine bright to help light the way for his new friend.

The Jumpy Little Joey Who Couldn't Sit Still

Don’t miss the final episode of this Little Listeners Podcast series. Get bouncing and stretching and play full out with the Jumpy Little Joey.  Can you keep up? Thanks for moving and grooving with us!