Home Library Service - Individuals

Application for Home Library Service

The Home Library Service is available to members of the community who (due to age, disability or a medical condition) are unable to come to the library and/or cannot carry books home.

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The following terms and conditions apply to Home Library Service membership

You are required to:

  • Return Library materials by the due date or contact Home Library to renew loans
  • Inform the library of changes to your personal details and relevant personal circumstances
  • Pay for lost, damaged or stolen library materials plus any administration fees
  • Be responsible for all items loaned out under your name

It is important that you know that:

  • Your membership can be suspended if you have excessive overdue items or if items are returned damaged to the library
  • Any personal information you give to the library will be kept strictly private
  • Library staff will access your record to check and edit details, loan or renew items and request items on your behalf

Personal Details

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Medical Referral

To qualify for the home library service you need a signed medical referral by a medical practitioner, occupational therapist, community nurse, community arer, Canberra Blind Society, Aged Care Assessment team member. Please note that individuals with new babies are only eligible for short-term HLS membership.

A phone referral to 6207 5748 from one of the above is also acceptable.

Reading Preference

An additional detailed profile will be completed on our first visit.

Please indicate how many of each type of item your would like. Please note that we provide a maximum of 2 bags of material per delivery (approximately 16 books)

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