Requesting items from other library services

If we don't hold the item you are looking for, you may be able to borrow it from another library service in Australia. This is called an Inter Library Loan, and can be made online, or in person at the library.


  • A request is placing a reserve on a title within our library service. To request an item in this way, please do so using the library catalogue. This service is free.
  • An Inter Library Loan (ILL) is borrowing an item from another library service in AustraliaA $16.50 fee is payable for all Inter Library Loans. To make an Inter Library Loan, please do so using the online Inter Library Loan form.

If you would like to suggest the library purchase the item, please do so using our online suggestion form.

Submit an Inter Library Loan

Before submitting an Inter Library Loan, please check our library catalogue to make sure the item is not available from Libraries ACT, then:

Please note that once you submit an ILL form, you are committed to paying the required fee even if you do not collect the item.