Exhibitions at the Library 

All exhibitions are subject to terms and conditions, and exhibitions hosted by the library must contribute to the educational, cultural or historical nature of the local community.

A range of exhibition facilities are available for organisations, groups and individuals to display and share objects and information.

Bookings for exhibition space are essential. To make a booking you must complete an exhibition application form and submit it to the library for consideration. Applications will be considered in the order in which they are received, and must be made with plenty of advance notice. Official confirmation of acceptance will be provided to the nominated contact person.

Exhibition facilities

Before booking exhibition space, it is recommended that you visit the library concerned to ensure the facilities meet your needs.

Belconnen Library

Lockable glass cabinet1.7m wide x 0.5m deep x 0.7m high2

Civic Library

Lockable glass cabinet with one glass shelf0.9m wide x 0.9m deep x 2.0m high2
Lockable glass cabinet1.2m wide x 0.6m deep x 0.4m high3
Double sided display board on wheels1.0m wide x 1.95m high3
Exhibition tracking n/an/a

Dickson Library

Lockable glass cabinet1.0m wide x 0.35m deep x 0.8m high1

Erindale Library

Display board1.5m wide x 2.0m high1
Double-sided quilt hangern/a6
Single-sided quilt hangern/a1
Lockable glass cabinet1.95m wide x 0.4m deep x 0.8m high 1

ACT Heritage Library

Lockable glass cabinet2.0m high1
Lockable glass cabinet1.0m high1
Lockable glass cabinet1.5m wide x 0.5m deep x1
Lockable glass cabinet on wheels0.9m wide x 0.5m deep x 0.8m high1
Exhibition trackingApproximately 10 metresn/a

Display and Distribution of Community Information

If you wish to send community information posters and/or brochures for display or distribution through the library, you do not need to make a booking. Once received by the library, such items will be displayed, space and suitability permitting. We are unable to guarantee display of material. The period of time information is displayed will be determined by the library and will depend on other information for display.

What to do

Package your information in a bundle for each library. Clearly label each of the bundles, for example: Belconnen Library – Community information for display. It is helpful to include a covering letter including details for further information.

Mail the information directly to the library branches, or deliver the bundles to any of the library branches where they will be distributed via the library’s inter-branch courier.

A list of libraries and their locations is available online.

How much information should I send?

The quantity of information will depend on what you are distributing, how far in advance you are distributing it, and the expected level of interest from the community.

The recommended quantity for most information is one or two posters per branch and approximately 20-100 brochures per branch (i.e. a total of 9-18 posters and 500-1000 brochures) depending on anticipated demand for the information.

Note: Kingston Library has very limited space for information, so please conserve resources and send only minimal quantities for that library.

If you want to know if extra brochures are needed, it is your responsibility to visit each location, check demand, and provide additional information.