Dickson Library will be partially re-opening from Thursday 4th October 2018

Rectification works in the library are continuing following damage from a wet weather event earlier in the year. Construction investigations have recently found asbestos present in the inactive bathrooms in the subfloor which are not accessible to the public. The recent full closure ensured that this material has been safely removed.

From Thursday 4th October 2018, partial services will resume.


Does the library have asbestos?

Like most buildings built before 1990 in Canberra, materials containing asbestos were used in the library’s construction. The library has an asbestos management plan in place and these materials are safe if undisturbed. Asbestos is present in bonded sheeting in the library’s ceiling. Upcoming works will not disturb the ceiling area. Subsequent investigations have found asbestos present in the viynl floor tiles in an area that is not accessible to the public. These tiles will be removed in line with legislative requirements and strict safety protocols. The section of the library where these rectification works will take place has been sealed off and the effectiveness of this enclosure has been tested.

Why was the library tested for mould? What were the results of the mould assessments undertaken?

The Dickson Library was affected by flooding following a wet weather event on Sunday 25 February 2018. As water damage caused the required works, testing has been undertaken for mould. All public areas have been tested as a precaution and the levels of mould were not above normal and deemed safe.

Subsequent testing has found mould present in the subfloor and the improvement works will include professional cleaning of these areas.

What is the scope of works being undertaken at the library?

Dampness in some interior walls was initially identified including in the staff area and two community rooms. The walls will be replaced.

Subsequent works include replacement of some of the flooring and improvements to subfloor ventilation.

I have a request waiting for collection at another library, and would like to pick it up at Dickson. What should I do?

Holds have been sent to Belconnen Library. If you want to change the pick-up location for your request, please contact the library on 6205 9000 to arrange this. To avoid confusion, this arrangement will remain in place, with new holds commencing at Dickson Library from 4 October 2018.

I placed a request to pick up at another library, but have not had a notice about it yet, and would like to pick it up at Dickson. What should I do?

If you want to change the pick-up location for your request, please contact the library to arrange this.

What is happening to story time, Giggle & Wiggle and other programs?

These events will commence in the near future. We will advertise the starting dates as soon as possible.

Story Time and Giggle & Wiggle are also held at other branches. The closest branches are Belconnen and Gungahlin.

I have overdue fines because I couldn’t return items to Dickson.

All items which are due between 28 September and 05 October 2018 (inclusive) have had their loan period extended until 05 October 2018 to allow time for members to renew them online or by phone, or return them to another branch.