Borrow and Return

With a valid library membership card, you can borrow at any of our libraries. You may have up to 50 items on your library account at any time.

You must bring your library card with you to borrow, request or renew items. Other identification may only be used as proof of identity to replace a lost or stolen card.

The borrowing period is up to four weeks (28 days). Some limits apply, for example:

  • All items with three or more requests are considered to be in high demand and may be borrowed for a maximum of two weeks (14 days)

There is a fantastic range of material for all ages available to borrow, including:

All our libraries have automatic check out equipment which enables you to borrow in three easy steps:

  • Place your membership card in the area indicated to retrieve your membership record
  • Place the items you want to borrow on the area indicated and they will be automatically issued to you
  • Print a receipt to get a list of the items with their due date and to exit your membership record 

Browse or search

  • Search the catalogue for a specific item or subject.
  • New item lists are added to the website on a regular basis, and are archived for three months. A link to the lists can be found on the front page of the library catalogue.
  • Request items to borrow by using the Request Item button on the library catalogue. This places your name on a waiting list for that item, and you will be notified when it is ready for you to pick up. Items that are located at another of our library branches to be transferred to your library of choice.
  • If you are using a mobile phone, try our mobile-friendly version of the catalogue to search, request or renew.


  • You can renew items by logging into My Account, by phoning the library, or visiting in person.
  • There is a maximum of three renewals per item.
  • Items requested by another member cannot be renewed.
  • If your items are overdue, you will need to phone or visit the library, rather than renew online.

More information about borrowing


  • Items can be returned at any of our libraries, regardless of which one they were borrowed from.
  • All libraries have external chutes for returns, including outside of opening hours.
  • All our libraries use RFID technology.
  • Kingston Library has a secure chute for returns, which recognises the RFID chip on the item and unlocks the chute so you can return it.
  • Woden and Gungahlin Libraries both have a secure chute which recognises the RFID chip on the item and unlocks the chute so you can return it. The chute is also computerised so it automatically returns the item, removing it from your membership record. Secure chutes will reject unknown or dangerous objects. For this reason, it is important to place only one item in the chute at a time.
  • Please keep hold of the receipt issued when you borrowed your items. This tells you the date the items are due to be returned. If you have registered your email address with us you will be sent courtesy email reminders about items becoming due. This is a value-added service and should not be relied upon.