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Verge House Architectural Records

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The modernist house at 204 Monaro Crescent (Block 11, Section 32, Red Hill) was designed by architect Robin Boyd of the Melbourne firm, Romberg and Boyd for Mr and Mrs Will Graves Verge.  The house was purchased in February 2007 by Paul Lehmann and Garry Fleming.

This description of the house is by Martin Miles “204 Monaro Crescent, Red Hill. The Verge House”, (accessed 10 January 2013)

“The house was the first for the new firm Romberg and Boyd, following the departure of Roy Grounds. It is a combination of two styles: post-war Melbourne regional with flat, metal-deck roof and widely projecting eaves; and post-war international with its cubiform shape and large sheets of glass.  It is of grey-brown Besser brick construction with internal limed timber walls and timber floors. Entry is through the ground-level double carports that form an enclosed, heavily shaded portico. The main stairway is positioned obliquely to the front door so as to rise toward the east corner of the main living level of the house. All rooms are arranged around the two-storey, octagonal central atrium and main stair landing. The octagonal concept, essentially a square with the edges snipped off, is carried through to the exterior with eight pillars of crenellated concrete block providing the main supports. The house is flanked by wide timber-lined eaves which are shaved back at the four corner pillars. The house is open both to the exterior and, through the glass interior walls, to itself.”




Amended sketch plan
A3 colour copy from ACT Planning Authority Building File; A2 black and white copy

11 March 1963

Residential Blocks for Lease, Red Hill Canberra ACT
with pencilled manuscript annotations of price of blocks and other attributes by Mr and Mrs Verge?

Ca 1962

Architectural Drawings
Electrical Plans, 1/2” Section and Fire Place Details

27 May 1963

Internal Door and Screen Details

12 November 1963

Fitting Detail

29 November 1963

Elevation, Floor and Site Plans (coloured)

6 May 1963


May 1963