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HMSS 0178 Villagio Sant'Antonio, Photographic Record

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HMSS 0178


Photographic Record of Villaggio Sant’Antonio compiled by Max Kerrisk

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5 photograph albums

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The Italian and Spanish communities in Canberra in 1976 formed a committee to raise funds for a 22 bed aged care hostel for their relatives and friends. Villaggio Sant’Antonio stage 1 was officially opened in September 1991, followed two years later by stage 2, with 20 beds and a Multi-Function Room. A third hostel stage comprising 17 beds and a large lounge, completed in 2001, is documented in album 2. In 1991 it was also decided to build self-care villas, and construction of 42 villas began in 1998.

In September 1999 Max and Constance Kerrisk moved into Villa 42, one of the first two self-care villas to be occupied. Max recorded the construction of the remaining villas, and to complete the story of the villas he also acquired some village history and a few earlier photographs. The resulting albums are a combination of photographs and written descriptions not only of the work in progress but also the reactions and interactions of the residents as the villas were completed and occupied.

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Album 1

Mid 1999 – May 2000


Album 2

May 2000 – Oct 2001


Album 3

Oct 2001 – Jun 2003


Album 4

Jun 2003 – Nov 2004


Album 5

Sep 2004 – Aug 2005