ACT Creative Arts Fellowships

ACT Creative Arts Fellowships (1995-2013)

The ACT Government, through the ACTArts Fund, offered Creative Arts Fellowships from 1995 until 2013.

ACT Creative Arts Fellowships were offered to individual artists in any art form who had achieved a level of excellence in their arts practice and who demonstrated the potential for further creative growth. They recognised the artist's achievements in their practice to date, and provided funds to allow them the dedicated time to significantly advance their artistic career. Commencing at $20,000 in 1995, the Fellowships increased to $35,000 in 2001 and $45,000 in 2009.




2013Valerie Kirk Visual Arts To research and develop two contemporary woven tapestries. The Brian P. Schmidt Tapestry and related works on paper and the Canberra 100 Community Tapestry.
2012Susanne Powell Music To study the playing techniques and repertoire of the celeste in Australia, Europe and USA. 
2011Soutiris DounoukisFilmTo develop a firm slate with market and mentor feedback and produce a director's "bible".
2011Michael CoveLiterature To research and complete three screenplays.
2010Tim MeyenMusicTo intensively study Romanian cimbalom technique, in particular the disappearing older styles and repertoire of the professional gypsy musicians.
2010Nike Savvas Visual ArtsTo undertake field work in Rio de Janeiro, looking at the relationship between modern architecture and traditional housing and aspects of Brazilian textiles. She will then spend nine months in her Canberra studio developing the work for exhibition.
2009Ruth Lee MartinMusic To write a series of vocal works.
2009Peter J. CaseyMusicTo extend his repertoire into the area of chamber opera, mentored by composer Michael Smetanin, the Head of Composition at Sydney University, and Melbourne orchestrator Dr Michael Kram
2008Anna EggertVisual Arts To experiment in wood-working and casting techniques. 
2008Sandra France Music To develop a chanber opera and other works.
2007Judy HoracekVisual ArtsTo develop a set of limited edition prints and undertake a three-month arts residency in Prague, where she will explore the issues of origin, identity, migration, sense of place, the idea of home, and old culture versus new culture.
2006Bev HoggVisual Arts To incorporate observations of Australian landscape in her ceramics and preparation of exhibition of ceramics and drawings.
2006Ian Jones Visual Arts To prepare and exhibition in Japan of his wood-fired ceramics.
2006 Julian ThompsonMusic To develop and create new directions in practice, particularly through integrating the cello in all genres of music using digital technology.
2005Ian BlakeMusicTo create a new body of work fusing traditional, digital and interactive performance technologies.
2005Elizabeth Cameron DalamanDanceTo research the history of dance techniques and continue studying Japanese contemporary movement.
2005 Jennifer Robertson Visual ArtsTo develop a new body of work based on French 16th-18th Century weave techniques.
2004Kirstie ReaVisual ArtsTo research and develop new modes of presentation and new ideas in glass making.
2004 Christopher Robertson Visual ArtsTo imvestigate technologies and materials to create a body of work for high profile exhibition. 
2004  John Shortis Music/TheatreTo research the history and content of political/satirical cabaret.
2003Alan GouldLiteratureTo work on the novel Tapestry, also known as Life Drawings.
2003 Matthew Harding Visual ArtsTo work on pieces of sculpture and prepare for an exhibition in 2004.
2003 Jennifer Martinello LiteratureTo complete novel Blossoms in the Mulga and work on children's book Fish and Rainbow.
2002Helen GeierVisual Arts 
2002 Paul Hetherington LiteratureTo work on new collection of poems, Investigating the Horizon.
2002 Franki SparkeVisual Arts 
2001Judith ClinganPerforming Arts   
2001 Mandy Martin Visual ArtsTravel and research in Mexico resulting in an exhibition of paintings and works on paper.
2001  Ken SpiteriPerforming ArtsTo undertake professional theatre training at Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq. 
2000 Robert Foster Visual ArtsTo concentrate on a new technique termed 'water forming' and build a new body of work. 
2000 Steven Kelen LiteratureTo assist with costs of completing a book of poems and beginning new work. 
2000 Ruth Waller Visual ArtsTo assist with the costs of producing a series of large paintings. 
1999 Margaret BarbaletLiteratureTo complete a book on spiritual issues, Angels over Malacca, and the novel Paradise Hotel.
1999  Judi Elliot Visual ArtsFor experimentation with 'sand casting', a glass working technique. 
1999  Carolyn Kidd Performing ArtsTo focus on music as yet unexplored by Australian guitarists and develop new work
1998Michael Le GrandVisual Arts For sculpture studio research
1998  Lizz Murphy LiteratureTo work on a collection of poems, Two Lips Went Shopping.
1998  Elizabeth Paterson Performing Arts 
1997 Helen Aitken-Kuhnen Visual ArtsTo concentrate on development of larger scale cast glass and metal work.s 
1997 Jim Cotter Performing ArtsInaugural Fellowship for the Performing Arts.
1997 Sara DowseLiterature 
1996William J. LinesLiteratureTo write the book False Economy : Australia in the Twentieth Century.
1996 Wendy TeakelVisual Arts 


Neil Roberts

Visual Arts

Inaugural Fellowship for the Visual Arts.