Digital Magazines

Digital magazines are full cover to cover enhanced digital editions of over hundreds of popular Australian and international magazines, such as Australian Good Taste, Australian Women's Weekly, Inside Sport, Rolling Stone and Vogue.

Click here to log into RBdigital Magazines. Once you have logged in using your library membership number you will be asked to create an account using your email address. This is so you can create your own library of titles and be notified of new issues.

Zinio for Libraries is now RBdigital

Zinio for Libraries has changed its name and is now called RBdigital. This is because the vendor has merged its digital products.

There will be no change to the content available and a new easy to use app called RBdigital will replace the existing Zinio app. The Zinio app can continue to be used until late August. After that you will need to download and use the new RBdigital app, available in the App Store and Google Play store.

Existing Zinio Users

To log into the new RBdigital app, use your existing Zinio email/username and password.

Zinio users can download and open the new RBdigital app to explore the magazine collection and access the last 30 previously checked out magazines. You will however, need to re-download any magazines again to read offline.

You can continue to use the Zinio app until late August. A countdown will appear in your Zinio app directing you to install the new RBdigital app from your app store.

Having trouble logging into RBdigital? Try using your Zinio email/username and password.

New Users

If you have never used Zinio, please log in through the library's website and register for RBdigital magazines using any online browser. You can then download the RBdigital app and start using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register in the app?

To use the RBdigital app, you need to register through the library's RBdigital magazine website using any browser.  In-app registration will be added to the RBdigital app in a future update.

How do I log into the new RBdigital app?

If you currently use Zinio you can login using your Zinio email/user name and password.

If you have never used Zinio, please log in through the library's website and register for RBdigital magazines using any online browser.

I’m trying to register but I keep getting an error message

Have you ever had a Zinio account?

If you have, please login using the email/user name and password you used to use to log into that account.

If you haven’t, please let us know your name, email address and library membership number so we can look into this for you.

I am trying to login but keep getting an error message

Have you tried resetting your password?

If not, please click the “forgot password” link, reset your password and try to login again.

If you still can’t login, please let us know your name, email address and library membership number so we can look into this for you.

Can I view ALL of my checked out magazines in the app?

At launch of the new RBdigital app you will be able to see up to 30 checked out magazines in the app. These are arranged in issue date order - newest to oldest.

The ability to see all checked out items will be available in a future update.

Do we now have to return magazines?

No, the word "return" is used to be consistent with the rest of the app's media types.  It's just a simple way to quickly delete from your checked out titles.

Can I manage my account in the app?

No, you will still need to go to the library website via your browser to do this.

How long can I continue to use the Zinio for Libraries app?

The in-app countdown will began on 10th July and exists for 60 days.  At the end of the 60 days you will no longer be able to checkout and read newly checked out magazines from the app.  To do this, you must download and use the RBdigital app.

Does the RBdigital app have an in-built screen reader, that reads text aloud?

No, but the site developer is aware of this and this feature is on a list for future consideration.

Is the RBdigital app available for all devices?

The RBdigital app is available for Apple, Android and Kindle Fire/Fire HD/X but not the Windows phone. Library members would need to download titles manually through the website onto a Windows phone or stream online via the website.

We seem to go straight from checkout to play/read, no download stage, is that right?  Is this because it's only streaming? Or because it downloads as soon as you press checkout?

When you checkout a title, the button changes to play/read.  Click the button and the title will begin to download but will also allow you to read/listen at the same time.

What is a digital magazine?

Technology digitally recreates a magazine page for page, including:

  • full colour pictures
  • intuitive navigation
  • keyword article search
  • interactive elements such as audio and video

These digital magazines can be easily viewed on:

  • desktop computers and laptops
  • iPads and iPhones
  • Android powered devices