ACT Heritage Library Ephemera Collection


Ephemera is produced for a specific and immediate purpose and intended to be thrown away.  Some examples of ephemera include posters, brochures, flyers/dodgers, programs, tickets, invitations, menus, catalogues and paper-based promotional items such as coasters and napkins.

We collect ephemera because it:

  • Is often the only record of an event, particularly of short lived organisations and reactive events
  • Provides documentary evidence of business, community, social and cultural life
  • Offers evidence of trends in communication, psychology of selling, consumerism, fashion, art and design
  • Has a display value

The collection is extensive and dates back to the very beginnings of the ACT.  We arrange our ephemera in five main categories:


1. General - Items which do not fit into any of the below categories.


2. ACT Government 


3. Performing Arts


4. Visual Arts - Files of invitations, posters, flyers and other promotional material concerning exhibitions of visual arts in the ACT and immediate district.


5. Posters - Due to their size, items A3 size and larger in all categories, are filed as posters and are arranged by subject.